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so... inspired by my search for toddler arts and crafts projects to incorporate in Taryn&Phanie's Toddler Arts'n'Crafts Wednesdays, i've also decided to add onto my own personal list of future TO DO's:  printed fabrics.

if you don't already know about Heather Ross then today is your lucky day!  she is a whimsical artist (and author) who has done a number of to-die-for fabric patterns, VOILA

just google images Heather Ross to find many adoring fans who have 
put her charming patterns to great use making outfits, pillow covers, quilts, you name it!

anyway.  i fell in love with her work back in 2009 and ended up making a blanket for Momo (even though it has mermaids (lol)) and came across her work again today.  it was only after coming across this baby blanket by PataPri that i decided "hey! i can do this... i'm going to do this!!!!... in a year or two"

this is so simple and pretty and cute.  i have my silkscreens - even though their process never fails to send me to crazytown in a straight jacket - and i could easily start off with some simple patterns like this one before venturing on with more complicated multi-colored designs.

i was thinking today about my paintings and how i would love to make stuffies
based on the characters... (how awesome would it be to have this wolfe dude!) also something to do when i have "spare time" again hahaha
and then
i went on to thinking about how these stuffies would need to have a story behind them
since they aren't exactly the traditional fairytale characters and came back to one of my other TO DO "dreams/goals"bof doing my own line of illustrated Children's Books
(again in my future spare time)
it would basically be like how THE WILD THINGS has stuffies of the characters.
i think i would call my fairytale series
*twice upon a time*


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