rolling the ball

getting started on Momo's birthday party planning.  step 1 as usual is the dreaded guestlist which is close friends and family.  well, unfortunately being the socialites we are, even if our friends list isn't around the block we have a lot of family which we are close with.  so the guestlist is pretty much our wedding guestlist which is 80 people.  UGH.

last year was stressful, mind you i was pregnant and nauseous out of my mind, not to mention we cleaned the house like it was going up for sale in case anyway came over to see our new home.  this year i definitely need and want to find a larger venue.  the kids (mo and his friends) are older now therefor RUNNING around and therefor it is necessary to find a space that allows them to expel all their energy.  i wish we had a larger amenities room.  i want it to have a "home" sort of feel which puts community centres more or less out of the picture.  a small hall?  i don't want to have photos in a gymnasium is what it comes down to.

back to the guestlist, i don't know if i should split it up between family and friends.  it would be easier to have one big day...  at the same time it really is a lot of people!  argh! hmmmm.  maybe i can find someone else that has a larger amenities room... i know Jade has a massive one which would be awesome...  actually it would be really great since there is an outside area as well which includes a BBQ!  that might be what i'll do...  keeping my options open.

hmmm maybe i shouldn't be posting on here or else it won't be a big surprise with all the deets?  what do you think?  or maybe everytime i post about it i'll write "DON'T READ!  BIRTHDAY PLANNING POST!" lol

fun fun fun

so, when i was going through the cops'n'robbers post from one of the babbycino mom's, there was a link to another blog that i am now totally obsessed with  the blogger is mom of 3 brooke reynolds who used to be the senior art director for martha stewart living/kids so she obviously has some amazingly creative tricks up her sleeve.

im' going to post this because it is so pretty.  she made this flower ball pinata from a soccer ball pinata by attaching fuschia paper petals.

oh hell let me post all the photos from this party: her 4 year old's birthday


party hats


what a beautiful beautiful party!


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