sailor phan updates

need to stop swearing.

in the past two weeks moses has said
SHIT (his truck rolled downhill on a busy sidewalk into some dirt)
DAMN CHAIR (kevin was telling him to stoping biting the damn chair)
FUCK YOU (the computer was being a POS)
as much as this means we need to zip it with the potty mouth, it is so hilarious to hear a tiny person swear.

i can't describe how incredible it is to experience moses' language progression.  everyday he gets just that little bit better.  he is still behind in comparison to friends his age but it is still amazing for us to see him try difficult words and put two or three together.  today he said apricot which sounded more like "appacock".  he also calls his blue winnie-the-pooh blanket "titty bra" as in tiny blanket which is also hilarious.  everything that is "little" is titty hahaha.

i just put him down for his nap and explained to him that we would be going over to his cousin Andie's to eat (birthday) cake.  he then did the hand motions of eating and said "ahm!" followed by "bwow!" (blow) "hot!" as in blowing out the candles.  this took me by surprise that he already knows about birthday cake and candles.

what else:
1. just noticed his first of the last 4 molars coming in, the bottom left is making its way up into his yummy mouth

2. he has started shoving his hands into his diaper when he has pooed and comes to me with shitty hands

3. WILL NOT STOP WHINING!  especially when he wakes from his nap, he is the crankiest whiniest crying old man!  he just leans on everything with a permanent scowl on his face while he whiines "appajooce appajooce appajooce appajooce appajooce appajooce appajooce appajooce appajooce appajooce appajooce appajooce appajooce appajooce appajooce ".  this is what people are talking about when you say "oh, i wish my child would start talking now..." and they look at you like "no you don't want that!"  when he wants something he will say it on repeat the entire time while you try to get it for him.  and even THEN sometimes he will start whining Noooooooo!!! once you give it to him and then revert to the initial whining for the thing AGAIN.  it is seriously the most irritating thing right now.

4.  time outs are working fairly well with him.  he dislikes it and so whenever he is running away from getting changed or doesn't want to do something, all we have to do is ask if he wants to go to his room and that usually settles things.  recently, if he is whining or crying for no damn reason i will tell him he can do it if he goes to his room;  sometimes he will stop and if he doesn't i will tell him to go to his room and he willingly goes to his room, shuts the door and cries either in his bed or standing in the middle of his room until we come fetch him.  it's impressive and hilarious at the same time.

5. i am making efforts to make sure i have video of his dancing as he gets older because he changes his moves!  he used to drop it like its hot to his fridge farm toy back last summer.  then during our daily ellen times he started doing this one arm SWOOP motion which turned into a one arm chicken wing and now he has both arms striaght out going up and down with slight rotations.

6.  he likes having his nails cut

7. really happy that he does well with a range of foods.  we've been doing a ton of indian food for the past few months and he loves it, even the medium spiced dishes!  he's awesome with mexican foods bc he loves rice and beans and cheese.  with japanese he isn't really into the rolls as the seaweed seems to be more of a challenge than he is willing to put up with, but he is into the noodles and agedashi tofu.  he is hilarious when we go for dim sum, throwing his hands up and yelling in excitement whenever a waitress brings yet another dish to the table.

onto coco

chloe has cradle cap on her head and face and eczema ALL OVER her body.  well not on her bum and vajayjay but on her arms, legs, back, and spotty on her torso.  i've been giving her regular head scrubs with baby oil followed by shampoo every few nights to take down the build up, but i can never really get it all off.  i feel so sad that she has all these skin issues, especially because i know they are from my gene pool :(  i had major cradle cap when i was a baby and i've had a few eczema stints throughout my life.  she has a prescriptive cream for her face which is a brutal $55 and we just bought another prescription for her body for when the over-the-counter Spectro cream isn't doing enough.  poor coco :(

on the flip side, she has been doing phenomenal with her tummy time. her neck is super strong and she's holding hreself up at 90 degrees no problem.  the last week has also been great for rolling.  she hasn't learned to roll over yet but she is off to a great start rolling onto her side!  she is enjoying laying in her gym and batting at the hanging characters.  she is truly the happiest baby!  it melts my heart when she wakes up crying but gives an immediate smile once i show up.  she is doing lots of gurgly coos and started giving her first laughs yesterday!  they are so cuuuuute!!!! awww my little cocobear :)

well that' the updates for now!


  1. I swear swear swear- try the dimpleskins products. Hanna's skin was never as bad as coco's but this stuff worked like magic. I bet
    it works better than the $55 rx. Also she has the cutest bum ever. I had to refrain from biting it when I was changing her the other day!

  2. LOL omg taryn i love you. the stuff wirked pretty damn well on her head but on her face its a bacterial infection so i gotta use the med. she has "impetigo"


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