i feel completely out of sorts.  i'm absolutely exhausted... physically and mentally exhausted.  having kids is like having to push a car all day long.  sometimes you're lucky to get a fairly smooth road, but even then, by the end of the day you are tired as all hell.  all day long you are telling yourself "one more mile... just one more mile" until you reach the next hotel.  this does not gaurantee that the car pushing is over, ohhhhh noooo, because you never know if that hotel will even have vacancy and if not, then you have to keep pushing that mother effing car.  and on days where you've had to pass 5 hotels with no vacancy you are ready to push the car off the cliff.  why we are pushing the car instead of getting gas and driving?  don't ask me... i just got into this on a whim.

anyway.  today was a long ass day.  coco is getting more difficult, as cute as she is...

i just feel like shooting myself in the head sometimes.  the mess in never ending.  the toys are constantly spread throughout the house, making walking around a treacherous territory (especially when carrying a baby and not being able to see those legos underfoot...)  the dishes never end.  THE LAUNDRY NEVER EVER EVER ENDS.  i'm in a constate state of starvation while in a constant state of freaking out over my body.  we went to Shoppers yesterday and my blood pressure was reading all kinds of beyond what is considered "high" which is super freaking me out...  coco has her 3 month appt on thurs so i will ask them to double check me since they didn't mention anything at my appt 3 weeks ago when they checked me out...

did i mention moses swore for the first time last week?  he said shit.  i said it first when his truck went rolling down the sidewalk and into a pile of muck.  tonight kevin told him to stop biting the 'damn chair' to which moses echoed "dah chay dah chay" and i burst out laughing.  he's officially entered the c.o.p.y.c.a.t. stage where he just randomly mimics what you say.  "too bad" was another one from this week.  he's so much braver to try new words and more willing to correct himself rather than turning away when we try to teach him by repeating the syllables to him.  he understands the concept of counting which is really great and will often tell us when there are "two" of something while pointing to both items.  every week, every day he is picking up something new.  it is truly amazing.

...and meanwhile, cocobear is changing her face day by day!  i can't believe how much she has changed.  i can't believe i survived the first 3 months.  i did it and i feel like i did a damn good job.  i certainly busied myself enough.  it's the only thing that has kept me above water, the worst days being when we are sick or the weather is too crappy to go out and we have no plans.

it's been a rough day...  coco has been more difficult.  oh yeah i meant to go there earlier on in this post and got distracted.  she is not sleeping as much and prematurely wakes up once we have rocked or boobed her to sleep.  the boob.  yes the boob is proving to be frustrating as well.  i don't feel like i have enough worth pumping, nor do i have the time nor energy to do so which makes training her with a bottle all the more difficult and puts the feeding responsibility solely on mama bear.

i'm sooooooooooooo tired.
next weekend is my niece's 1st birthday party:

Andie's 1st Birthday Invite

scanning through my numerous blogs, i came across a really neat idea for coat hooks.  i haven't been able to relocate the photo and i can't even remember where i saw it, but it was basically actualy tree branches that were mounted to a plaque.  it was about an inch or so thick piece of branch cut in half so that the cut side would sit flat against the plaque, and this thick branch would have another skinnier branch protruding off of it which would be the "hook".  i really liked this idea and since moses has a million coats, i wanted to do something similar.  
i proposed the idea to kevin and this is what we came up with!

measuring and placement

applying acrylic paint wash for a woodier feel

fastened to the wall

now all i need is to add felt leaves on the walls
to make it more "tree"


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