here we go, into another tunnel of uncertainty and heartache.  the past has resurfaced once more with me and k and all we can do is wait for time to heal things and restore trust.  it's a hard road for us both with two  little ones in tow but i believe we'll get through this.  we are always both willing to work through troubled times for which i am so thankful.  what we have is so special and worth fighting for.  we both realize this in one another so that even when we are at odds, we are working together to fix things.

i know only time will tell what life has in store for us.  i am hopeful but i know it is going to be challenging with many days and nights of talking things through.  it took me 5 years to come to terms and be at peace with the passing of my father.  it took me 5 years of crying to k over the same feelings of loss and regrets that i couldn't shake out of my system.  this too will take time to filter out of our relationship until we can arrive back at a clean slate and move forward.

i am so thankful to be married to such a wonderful person.


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