thank yous

in all my business and brainloss, i failed to mention the help i received last week from Cait and Rob who took BOTH mo and coco when i went to Passport Services to drop off Coco's application.  thank goodness, i had to wait in the office for 40 mins!  

also many thanks to mama Taryn who made us a fabulous deli sammich luncheon and then took care of mo while me and Coco went for our doctor's appointment.  i'm so very lucky to have so many people in my life to help calm down hectic days.

thank you to my 3 east van ladies nene, erica and shmoo who took the reins while i vegged out on nene's couch, had a delish pest & sundried tomato pasta lunch and watched MEGAMIND.


mo is mimicking words!  he is much more confident and willing to try new words including monosyllabic (ok just two bi-syllabic) ones which for him is a big step.  today he said "rainbow".  on our walk he pointed out "red truck" and counted 1, 2, 3 screws on the table.  he is beginning to say thank you "ta" without being prompted.  i love how he will grab my phone for me whenever it goes off and brings it to me, saves me having to find it hahaha

chloe! is! 13lbs!  that is in the 95%!
momo was around 11lbs in his 2nd month and about 14lbs in his 4th month, so yes i would say coco is a big girl.  of course we need to take into account the fact that she gestated for an extra month...  she has an AMAZINGLY strong neck, she is able to sit for long periods in her Bumbo which i am stoked about because i just noticed that she is starting to get the "balding" spot from being on her back so much.  she is ok at tummy time but it does not last at all as long as sitting in the Bumbo.  it also helps that when she is sitting in it, she has a far great view of what is going on in the house which keeps her focus.

i have 2 out of 3 friends that are pregnant!  i'm SO EXCITED!!!!!

mo money mo problems


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