holiday II


so the party was lovely.  i haven't seen Jen or Karen pre-pregnancies, so it had been a while.  Cosette we saw last year at Moses 1st birthday but it's always a super treat to see her and this time she came as a newlywed with her hub Paul.  it was awesome to meet him, so nice and so hilarious.  they bought Moses these Elmo gloves that talk and sing along with a bunch of books, Sesame Street and otherwise.  Paul was doing hilarious impressions of The Count inspired by the potty training book: "Do you have to do Number 1? or Number 2?!! Ha ha ha ha!  1, 2! 2 ply! Ha ha ha ha!"

it was a really nice party but I couldn't help but feel miserable.  seeing everyone sans children depressed me.  already feeling overwhelmed as of late, having three babelicious girls around talking about travelling or their plans for later that night and just being able to sit, drink relax and laugh completely uninterrupted by child responsibilities made me feel so small.  i didn't feel comfortable in my own skin, paranoid they were all noticing the 20lbs hanging every which way off of my body, or my pants riding below my BellaBand and on the brink of flashing everyone my sweet-ass-crack.  SO in an effort to fill the void of emptiness and el depressio, i ate my feelings :)  yes, i know.  i did the complete opposite of what i should be doing.  OH WELL.  then i sat in my bedroom to breastfeed coco and felt even further alienated.

but apparently all 3 of these babes want to have babies.  i wish you girls luck!

breakfast was sooooo good!!!  you will find by the end of these journals of the trip that all we did was eat.  (it's sunday morning right now and i've eaten about 3 macaroons and sampled 4 baked goods that D's parents brought.  they came to visit the kids before we leave) 


  1. heheeheh, I dont even remember Paul doing that. I'm so happy Mo loved his toys! I cant wait to see Chloe in her hot lil bikini.

    p.s. I dont care what you say, for having had 2 kids recently, you look sexy...espesh with your bangable bangs! I already know I'm going to have the toughest time getting back into shape after my first kid. I dont have that natural skinny body and its most likely going to take me a while to bounce back. I know one day I'm going to feel what you are feeling and I know I'm going to vent out on FB or on some other future online forum...and I know you're going to give me some good advice and calm me down. Paul and I look at FB photos of your cute lil family all the time and pray we will be just as lucky one day. : D


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