holiday III


Moses playing YET again on the kitchen sink mat

saturday breakfast was gluten free pancakes with agave syrup, more stacks of fakin' bacon, and fresh squeezed OJ.  once coco had gone down to sleep, my sister and I headed out for some mani-pedis.  it was so fantastic to have a breather from the kids.  we made a quickstop by Whole Foods to check if they had red TOMS since yesterday's outing had none.  no dice again...

artsy kevin photos:

we spent the afternoon relaxing at home watching old episodes of Glee and eating leftovers.  we went for dinner with my Aunt and her husband which was a fiasco.  we initially planned to go for Chinese but the restaurant had a massive lineup over and hour long so we just headed to the mall and ate at the CPK California Pizza Kitchen which is basically the same as a Boston Pizza/Red Robins sort of deal.  then we had more KindKreme ice cream for dessert :P

sunday morning

as mentioned, D's parents came over to visit and spoil the kids before we left.  he got a massive firetruck book, a cement mixer puzzle and a deadly soft brown bunny.  coco got a pretty little summer outfit by ella moss and an equally soft little white bunny.  she was thoughtful to also gift me with a Black Orchid candle!  

once they had left we headed back out to Old Town to check a few other stores for red TOMS.  i realize we have them available here, but they are cheaper in the states and with our good $ it would save like $12!  you are going to laugh at my earnestness for cheapness when i tell you that i ended up being gifted these FABULOUS sunglasses for an early birthday present from my sister when checking out a shop for TOMS.

check these babies out!

by Elizabeth and James
(the olsen line)

they looked a little eccentric on the display so i figured i would try them on for fun, but when i looked in the mirror my heart melted.  they were perfect!  they have the perfect amount of style but not too much to trump being able to sport them casually.  AND as much as i love the wayfarers, aviators and recent 90's flashback of the clubmasters that are all the rage, these stand out.  they are actually very much a mix of all three of those styles.  

we also went crawling back to Senor Fish for lunch.  i opted for 1 fish and 1 potato instead of 2 potato tacos... bad idea.  the fish wasn't bad but damn those potato tacos are what the  cool kids call "the shit".  once home and the kids eventually went down for their nap, michelle hauled out the Santa Claus sack of jeans for me to bring back home.  although i am well beyond my 25" waistline, i brought a good 30 pairs of pants back home for consignment, my cousin lauren, and for myself for that glorious day that i get my body back.  i was actually thinking to use the consignment money to pay one of my mom friends who is a personal trainer to bootcamp my ass.  

trying on those jeans was a massive self-esteem plummet.  i've discovered recently and many more times as i tried on these jeans that it isn't just my waistline that is taking a hit, but my hips and my thighs.  i realize this may not be devastating to some, but it is truly a jaw dropper for me.  i've got 6 more inches around my waist, 2 on my hips and i can't tell you my thighs because iv'e never measured them before! boo!!!

Derek arrived back from his surf weekend and we all sat down for a home dinner of delish salad and pasta before packing up and heading to LAX.

i have to say this flight was waaaaaaay better than the first.  our flight was at 9pm so it helped that it was both dark and around Moses bedtime.  chloe slept the ENTIRE flight once we got up to cruising.  moses eventually fell asleep after almost an hour.  again, we were lucky to have 3 seats to ourselves.  Moses fell asleep on kev's hoodie propped up against the window side, i sat in the middle and kev took the aisle with coco in his arms.

we arrived at midnight and as tired as Moses was, he was fairly well behaved.  we hauled ass through YVR, me wearing chloe in the carrier while holding diaper bag in one hand and huge bag full of toys in the other, Kevin carrying moses and pulling a roller.  we picked up the large suitcase of jeans and moses carseat and filled up two luggage rollers.  the night was beautiful and clear and we could feel the familiar nip of Vancouver Spring  in the night air.  it was good to be home.

i'm having a super massive case of allergies that feels like a cold.
i am now going to add photos to these posts.

looking forward to this short week and long weekend :)


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