we're in l.a.
it was an extremely awful morning full of the worst anxiety, both k and i were having intense stomach pangs all morning trying to pack while both kids were demanding our attention.  i know that if you are not a parent, "demanding" has only surface value meaning.  you've had demanding people in your life, but it is not the same kind of demanding unless you picture the person at work you hate the most whining at you incessantly for, let's say... your stapler.  they walk into your office leaning and half sliding down your dooeway and just start crying for your stapler in the middle of an important phonecall and although they see you are on this phonecall they cry even louder for the entirety of your conversation.  they actually come into your office and start tugging at your clothes then follow you out your office once off the phone, and to the photocopier (still whining for your stapler).... fuck it i'm too tired to even finish writing this out.

..... i don't know what's going on with me... or maybe i do.  i figure this might be my post partum kicking in.  i remember it kicked in around the 5th month with Moses.  chloe will be 4 months in 4 days, so having it a month earlier is not a big surprise considering i have two kids to slave after.

the flight was as expected until the end.  actually, (trying to look on the bright side here...) we were lucky that the airport put a new rule into play stating that two lap children side by side was unsafe and no longer allowed.  even with a packed flight, they managed to kick out the guy in our 3 person row so that we had three seats to ourselves, one extra seat for Moses to take.  chloe was relatively manageable.  moses was as expected, wily and in need of constant stimulation.  i have to say that in hindsight busting out the portable DVD player was a bad idea just when he appeared to be nodding off.  we should have tried to get him to sleep instead because by the end of the flight he started having a meltdown.  the last 20 minutes of descending were spent putting his seat belt on as he kept clicking it open and trying to stand up on the chair, he was crying and freaking out because we had nothing to distract him with since all electronics needed to be shut off.  as we shuffled off the stuffy plane, he didn't want to walk and since we had our hands too full to carry him off, i ended up dragging him down the plan aisle.  yes.  i was that mom.

we had to wait at the plane entrance for chloe's carseat.  moses continued his meltdown crying and trying to run away.  at the bottom of the escalator in the last stretch of hall before Baggage Pick-Up he adopted the lie on the floor and cry move.  i put him up against the wall with my hand gripping his face to look at me while i chastised him.  he screamed and blew snot everywhere, so he ended up over my shoulder crying and blowing more snot at all the arriving passengers behind me.  

the Twilight girl was on our flight.

the driver met us.  we picked up our bags as the TMZ team flashed their cameras at Twilight girl.  (sorry Caela i only know her as Bella and i didn't feel like googling her real name to pretend like i DID know what her real name was haha)

kev sat up front with the driver while i sat in the centre 3 seats of the black Suburban.  moses' meltdown wound down and after about 20 minutes passed out.  chloe on the other hand, ramped up to a 20 minute crying fest until i finally climbed (without asking nor telling the driver) over our seat into the back seat to reach into the trunk space to find her soother.  she fell asleep.  my head felt like it was suffering from anaphylactic shock as if allergic to peace and quiet.  i tried to fall asleep since my entire body and brain were completely drained at this point.  no dice.  there was a lot of traffic and i started panicking inside wondering how long the drive was going to take since it had felt like a lengthy drive on our last trip sans traffic.  it was about an hour drive when we finally exited off the Freeway and i recognized the fruit stand that indicated we were at the bottom of the hill of my sister's home.  "thank god!" i said aloud.

we arrived.  we were welcomed by their dogs, Matty and Pumpkin.  D was watering the garden in the back and michelle appeared shortly after.  she ordered in vegetarian pho for dinner.  it was deeelish!  it was packed full of veggies: carrots, mushrooms, broccoli and fried tofu strips.  then for dessert: RED VELVET CUPCAKES!

Moses was a bit afraid of Matty, who was overly excited and playful.  i need to mention that Moses has been saying "go home" for the past week, even when we ARE at home.  he began saying it and having a minor freak out so my sister busted out some cars and trucks for him to play with.  he has continued to say "momo go home" the entire trip.

after washing up, we went to bed early.  i had one of the best sleeps in a long time considering coco still woke up her usual 3 times.  instead of feeding her, i used the soother which definitely helped.  she slept with me on the guest bed, moses slept with kev on the blow up mattress.



my sister cooked up some oatmeal and vegan bacon for us with fresh squeezed orange juice.  i brought along my vanilla Earl Grey tea which i also had.  


D left to go surfing in San Diego for two days.  we drove out to Old Town Pasadena to do a little shopping and some errands.  we dropped by my sister's favourite ice creme okace KindKreme which serves organic vegan icecream from almonds and coconut.  then continued on to do shopping, we snagged some sweet deals at Baby Gap and Target for Moses.  

We picked up lunch to eat at home from this small Mexican place called Senor Fish (hahahaha) but the food was no laughing matter for the potato tacos we ordered were g-g-g-lorious!!!  the tortilla was crispy and the potatoes were like melted fries toped with fresh tomato and lettuce.  it came with rice and beans and two delicious spicy salsas, one verde and one that was smoky!  

the kids napped in the afternoon and michelle put together a tiny party for Moses birthday.  pizza, carrots and hummus, salad, kettle corn, cookies, and a large pitcher of fresh cucumber-orange water.  everyone had drinks but me.  my sister didn't offer me one because she doesn't think i should be drinking.  boooo.

i'm going to post this for now and continue later.


  1. I really love your blogs. I want to write about things like you do. And I love that you include photos in your stories! Michelle told me about that ice cream place....I can't wait to try it!


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