holy craziness batman!

man, i am BUSSSSYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!
i have been working my butt off finishing the photobook from blurb.com to go with the Mulgrave Art Auction artpiece and with that sent off, i am now busting my butt completing another one for my mom for Mother's Day that needs to be sent off by Sunday!  I'm almost done!  here are a few pages!

i survived the 3 day week, keeping busy driving back and forth from my mom's sneaking photos out of her albums.  Moses stayed over her place last night and as today was a holiday kev and i managed to get a bunch of things done on our TO DO list.

we had dinner at my mom's tonight, my brother Chef James home baked us pizzas from scratch! 4 amazingly delicious thin crust pizzas: (1) oil-garlic base with cheese and mushrooms (2) tomato sauce spicy bacon and cheese (3) oil-garlic base with potatoes and chorizo and cheese (4) tomato based with smoky chicken, black beans and corn.

my busy ass week
-playdate with theConnors aka HANU, need to discuss the gameplan for our first Toddler Art class this coming Wednesday!!!!
-come home for naps
-Saturday night dinner chez O'Briens
-more errands and cleaning and TO DO list
-Easter Dinner at Kev's Nana's
-playdate with theCrowes!
-Rosemary and Andrew visit from TORONTO, come over to make us dinner and meet Coco
Toddler Art Class!  Terrified!
Coco's 4 Month Appt

crazy crazy craziness.
then it will be May!  The first weekend I have TWO CRAFT FAIRS!  the Spring Tsawwassen Mall on Saturday and i'm sharing a table on Sunday at GotCraft.  Hanu's birthday on the 10th, Ethan's on the 12th then of course it's MOMO's on the 23rd Victoria Day Long Weekend and I haven't done a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. in terms of planning!

k gotta get back to blurbing


  1. oooohh, I'm loving the album idea!! you're mom is gonna go nuts!

  2. i know! it turned out really well i love it! and they are super cheap and easy to make. you should check it out! this one i'm doing is a 20 pager and a softcover is $14 and a wrap-around hardcover is $26. the S&H is less than $10 and it arrives in about a week! they have 3 options of creating your book, i did the 2 option using Booksmart they have TONS of templates (also you can edit them and save your customized templates!) to choose from and it automatically saves your project while you work. it's SO awesome!


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