i've been wanting to get one for a long time.  i haven't been able to find or imaginate one awesome enough...  i don't really want my own design either.  i DO want a very clean one with the skinniest of lines and shading.  this is cool but not.

i'd love something that had many lines like feathers.
i do think a skull would be super rad... but the execution would have to be just
the perfect skull in shape size proportion and style.

katherine's are dope.

maybe i'll just be safe and classical and get an anchor.

a tattoo of a saint would be super awesome
mary tattoos are always sweet too
my mom would be so into that hahahaha
it would be cool in that old style of drawing

man i hated doing this intaglio type of printmaking...i sucked!
look how sweet and clean this one is! it looks my math with all the precision!

I love Shreddies

oh this is nice

i love the mix of Asian with this old school style

this is sweet

i thought often about getting one for my dad
i've thought about getting a dogwood flower since my mom said he liked them
or a koi fish
but everything just feels so lame an steretypical
i want something that i am always going to be like
"this was such a great idea i LOVE this"
i realize this sort of goes against that whole tattoo idea anyway

sleeping time


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