tired and bloaty

i have to say, since we came back from l.a. i have noticed weight loss.  i can see it and feel it...  i am surprised because the changes i made were small but they seemed to have had a great effect.  i'm trying to incorporate more salads and just drink tons of water to curb my munchingness.

i'm excited!  Renee and Dustin are taking the kids tomorrow for a few hours!  i'm going to have a nice brunch/lunch with k and then GO SHOPPING!!!!  i need to search out a dress for the two weddings this summer.  i saw a potential dress at H&M when we last went a month ago (or so?), i hope it's there and i hope it is magical.

it's been a great weekend so far.  Mo went to my mom's thursday night after our first patio dinner of the year!

coco was good friday allowing me to get a lot of cleaning done.  i picked up Tandoor Kona for dinner after scooping up Moses and we had a delish dinner with Michelle and Ethan at our place.

Ash and Ainge came over as Michelle & Ethan were leaving and after breastfeeding coco's face and putting her to sleep, we blazed and laughed about Natalie's dad on my patio.  i had such a great time laughing.  i'm so happy and lucky to still be so close with my highschool friends :)

today was a beautiful day!  we went for a walk in the afternoon, i think it was about 13 degrees today.  sunny and clear and warm.  we dropped by Sublime and was stoked to discover that 2 of my framed prints had sold earlier today!  HOORAY!  apparently the lady who purchased them was inquiring if i did larger pieces... she has my biz card :)   crossing my fingers.  my cousin Lauren invited us over for dinner which was and is always a treat.  we popped by kev's parents briefly before heading to Vancouver for dinner, i took some photos of the kids :)


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