30 years

happy marley day
i just blazed
and i was just thinking
everyone associates weed with bob marley
and it was because he was Openly High
people say it's bad but it isn't really
and those of us who know it isn't bad still put on the Paranoid Normal Face when around haters
because we don't want them to know we are high
but we shouldn't be ashamed
we should be like Bob Marley and be Openly High
and so....
I propose someone make a tv show called Openly High
where Bob Marley goes around getting people to come out of the hotbox and proclaim to the world they are high
there is no shame
weeed.  it's a beautiful thing.
that is my speech to you

omg i forgot i had these chocolates


  1. I love you so much. It's not even funny.

  2. hope this added a little bit of cheer to your under the weather day xo


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