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we have so much wall space and not enough art.  we've been trying to figure out what style of imagery to dec the walls with, a lot of pop art.  we are considering this Last Supper but Warhol

it's a bit pricey for our current pocket for the size that we want.  i was considering doing up a version with different colour scheme and the high contrast overlay in Photoshop/Illustrator.  Googling "last supper" i came across a "list" that included an entire range of Last Suppers including this gorgeous one by Francois Girbaud for a denim advertisement.  

unfortunately, it inevitably raised a lot of Hell for being an offensive and insensitive appropriation of such a symbolic scene, but i'm not going to get into any religious discussions that might infuriate my sensibilities.  it's a beautiful image.  the composition, the lighting, the replaced males with females, the invisible chairs... love it.  IT'S ART.

i also came across this sweet little piece via babyccino from 

it's a fantastic site with deliciously edible looking illustrations and photography.
i also am super into this alphabet print

actually, i'm super obsessed with Alphabet Prints and really want to do some of my own.  

i came across this online magazine months and months ago via babyccino
and thank goodness they blogged it again bc i forgot about this magazine and it is pretty
pretentious but they do have some fabulous visuals that are very inspirational

i really want to make these feather crowns

argh!!! i LOVE this black and white dress!  i want it for ME!

also want this top... easy enough to silkscreen right?

this however i find horrific... as in "Toddlers and Tiaras" horrific
yes you are doing the 80's but this is just too much for me
yes i know
i'm into the Last Supper but this little girl in Cyndi Lauper bothers me
might make some of these streamer sticks for momo's birthday

really into Atsuyo & Akiko!
(especially the star shaped alphabet... yep, love the alphabet!)

DIY braided headband from leopard scarf

love this wall paper

super original idea with the colour fading drawers!
really love the composition of this fashion shoot

M O V I N G   O N   F R O M   L A   P E T I T E   M A G

cute clothes

OMG!  totally departing on the arts and fashion as i just stumbled upon

OK you know what, that's enough postin for now

xoxo hope everyone had a fantastic weekend


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