birthday party spoilers....

i'm just too excited i need to post these!

feather wreaths for the two older girls

here are a few of the crowns!

need to buy elastic tonight so kids can actually wear them...

signs for the "photobooth"

the cake toppers

we were initially going to make the cake with gluten-free cake mix until Taryn found this amazing recipe using black beans instead of flour!  i sampled them at her place and they were incredible!  they were Moist Country! 

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes {Gluten-free}

i raved to kev about them last night and so we gave it a go (just lucky to have all the ingreds on hand!) and it turned out fabulously!  we did a slab instead of cupcakes sans the cups and the recipe still turned out perfect.  they aren't overly sweet but for those who would like them sweet, we will be coating the cake with chocolate mousse!  


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