birthday photos!

the photobooth

cutie kane


nai wearing her pretty feather band

hardcore Andie

coco and cae

this is one of my fave photos hahaha

bubbles with Nene

dec 20 fo lyfe

the cakes!

ethan on the edge of his seat


no girlfriends!

super stoked moses


prince momo


we made our lists and checked them off, pre-packing as much as possible the night before.  i did one last check after kevin took the kids down to the car and it was a good thing otherwise we would have had no olive oil, no whipping cream = no cupcake frosting, and a few other things i can't remember.  we arrived at my mom's at 1pm so he could take a nap and rushed over to the party locale.  coco stayed in the jolly jumper for the first hour while we set up, blew balloons, made the frosting so it could cool before piping, set up the photobooth, etc...  i ran out at 10 to 4 to pick up momo and ran into Taryn and Hanu and KLF.  

threw a few more things in the car from my mom's house and packed a sleepy headed disoriented moses in mismatched clothing.  as usual, klf did a great job in decorating, distributing the rainbow of balloons throughout the space and spreading out the crowns onto one of the tables and spiffing up the photobooth.  

we stripped mo down to his diaper and back into jeans and a white tank.  (sounds inappropriate to say a toddler is wearing a wifebeater...)

there were a handful of people that arrived, but the counters were still looking a bit bare which made me feel super uneasy.  it didn't take long for that uneasiness to turn into "uh oh... now it looks like there might be TOO much food!!!" panic.  klf and renee did a fantastic job organizing the food as more came in.  we had sammiches, salads, burger station, sushi (soooo delish!  have been craving japanese this entire week but we're not allowed to eat out :( ), bbq chicken, hotdogs, dips, fruit, veggies, noodles, and those honey roasted potatoes that my mom loves to order in.  those potatoes were the big hit.

the room looked so much better as it filled up with guests.  it was such a fantastic venue, and we were so blessed to have such decent weather!  it was actually warmer outside than inside, but we were not allowed to change the room temperature.  the kids and my friends hung outside in the warmth in between plates of food.  i hardly saw my son!  and coco, too, was busy being passed around friends and family.  i don't even know what i was busy doing???

the food was delicious.  my mom made her filipino desserts biko and pitchi-pitchi.  the pitchi is basically a rice cake covered with coconut flakes and i stuffed 3 pieces in my mouth one after another hahaha.  the cake and cupcakes were a hit!  and why wouldn't they be?  thanks Taryn again for the recipe!  waaaayy cheaper and waaaayyy more moist than buying gluten free cakemix!  the atmosphere was great.  i had so many compliments about it being such a great party which surprised me.  it just seemed like a regular food get together to me but i truly think the venue made people feel comfortable.  it was so open with the high ceilings and glass windows, i think it made a huge difference.  the foosball didn't hurt either.  

i regret not having more time to get the crowns on the kids!  the crowns were all different sizes, i had to custom fit them to each kid but only managed to do 3!  darnit!  i worked so hard on them!  that, and encouraging people to use the photobooth.  i have more photos on klf's memory card here but i need to get a reader!

moses received many excellent gifts (NATIVES shoes, IKEA kitchen sets, clothes, trucks, homemade playdough, trucks, trucks, cars, trucks...) but i need to mention one in particular that really meant a lot to me.  kevin and his sisters used to play "speedo wrestlers" with their dad when they were young.  shannan (andie's mom) sewed up a complete costume for moses called "el momo" and the card reading "the next generation of speedo wrestlers".  i could not believe the effort and detail that went into this and it really touched me that she did all this since we have had a very rocky past.  i feel like having kids has really helped our relationship, and to know that she did all this for moses made me feel so happy.  so happy that she loves him and so happy that she would bring him into a childhood memory that was so special.  it was the same feeling when we had the cake and everyone, all 50-60 guests were singing happy birthday...  so many people all there for him.  it truly meant so much to me and felt so good to know how many people he has in his life that love him.  it is such a blessing.  my heart was bursting.

thank you everyone again.  you all truly made it the perfect day.


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