i'm feeling pregnant.  nauseous and headachey.  but i'm not pregnant because that would be ludicrous.

im' stressed out over momo's birthday.  with this whole "roof" situation with the 15 year old buildings that share our strata, money has become a big thick black cloud.  where are we going to find $5000?  not sure.  we dropped $100 for the amenities room at my friend's place because it is spacious for the 50-60 guests that are attending and for the 10 kids that will need to run around.  there is an outside area for the kids to play if god is gracious enough to give us a beautiful sunny day...  but if not, there will definitely be more room inside than if we hosted it once more at our place here.  that gives us $100 left for everything else which is nothing.  we're doing a few dishes plus the cake and plates and cutlery.

we have made it a potluck party since we can't afford to feed 50-60 guests.  really the party is about celebrating momomo's birthday and just to get together with our family and friends, so i have tried to tell people to bring food instead of presents.  moses is not going to feel sad if he doesn't get presents because he doesn't even really know what it's about other than "blow candoh!" "cake!".   he doesn't even NEED anything for chrissakes, we went to Toys R Us today and we left empty handed because we just couldn't find anything for him.  all he wants to do is play with cars and trucks anyway and trust me he has MILLIONS of them all over the gd house.  i was hoping to get him one of the educational LeapFrog toys but they just seemed like a robotic version of what we already do with him in terms of letters and numbers.  plus, we really don't need to hear Tad's annoying voice being remixed day in and day out.  we ended up swinging by WestCoast Kids to pick up this backpack for him (from my sister)

Penguin Backpack by SkipHop 

I've wanted to buy this for him since he was in my belly 3 years ago and I'm so stoked (and equally dumbfounded...) that he is old enough to wear it AND enjoy it!  I'm so excited for him to open it tomorrow because whenever we walk to Thrifty's for groceries, kevin brings the backpack and Moses always asks to wear it and he looks hilarious running down the hallway with this empty adult sized backpack fopping around.  He has also become interested in putting his car/trucks into a bag to bring along with him when we go out so i figure this is a perfect gift for BOTH OF US  :)   so sadly, momo will not be getting gifts from us, his party will be his gift.  and we'll probably just try to have a nice family day with a little cupcake or something for him in the evening.  the weather is supposed to be ok tomorrow so maybe we'll hit the beach?

argh.  i really wanna buy his cake from Kreation again because it was soooo heavenly and everyone still talks about the heavenliness of it.  my girlfriend just called me the other day asking where i got it.

it's worth the $$$ but it's money we totally do not have.  :(  :(  :(  my mom is helping out, thank god.  she's contributing a fruit plate, pancit (filipino noodles), biko and pitchi-pitchi (filipino desserts), and doing the beverages.  from others we are getting, veggies and dip, hotdogs & hamburgers & chicken for the BBQ (GOD PLEASE MAKE IT A DRY DAY!!!!!), pasta salad, guacamole, 7 layer dip, sammiches, and i'm trying to see if i can get 2 peeps to bring some sushi and someone to get some cheese and crackers.  maybe we can hit up Whole Foods for their 2 FOR 1 pizza tuesdays? 

SIIIIIIIGHHHH.   stupid effing roof!!!!!!!!!!!!  ruining our lives!!!!!!  


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