a little scare and a big thanks

first of all the party was a success.. i'll get into it more tomorrow time permitting since it's late and we still have a lot of unpacking and organizing to do before k and i hit the sack.

i just needed to make this post.  we put momo to bed and were putting away all the excess food and bowls and kitchen stuff.  then we both took the stroller down to the car to retrieve all of momo's gifts.  we were jilly-jollying (yes i just made that up...) talking about how it all went down and as we got into the elevator i heard a scream and kind of brushed it off until we heard another shrilling shriek that i recognized as being moses.  i looked at kev "is that... moses???"  "...yes..."  the elevator doors opened to my sweet little boy in his slightly too small and mismatched pyjamas clutching his two favourite trucks books to his chest, tears pouring down his face crying for me and kevin.  my heart sank and rose at the same time.  i was so deeply sad that he was so terrified that he unlocked our front door to come looking for us.  i don't even know what the feeling is that i felt to hear my child's screams echoing 10 times the volume of his terrified cries in the front lobby.  i was scared but not... not scared because i knew he was safe and that we have so many neighbors that would/could come running out.  but to see the look on his face was just heartbreaking :(

kevin scooped him up, totally shaken, and calmed moses down.  we sat in his room with him and hugged him, to help make him and ourselves feel better.  the poor guy.  i can't imagine how scared he must have felt.  we saw he initially went to our bedroom to check if we were there, as the door was open.  we also noticed that coco had her bunny framing her little face which i had not provided when i put her down to sleep.  kev said moses was saying "coco cry" so i wonder if she had been crying and he so sweetly gave her the bunny before coming to look for us?

anyway.  i don't know what to do about that front door.  we are going to have to get a knob so that he can not open the door himself.

we had a stressful yet absolutely wonderful wonderful day.  thank you to all of you who helped us so so much.  too many thank yous, and thank yous that can not be expressed.  we are so lucky to have you in our lives, so privileged to know such generous and selfless and loving friends and family.  we are so grateful, so so grateful.  please never hesitate to call on us for help, if there is anything that we can do, it would be our pleasure to return the favour!  you know who you are :)


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