Mango Chickpeas and Greens with Coconut Rice!

this is a variation of a recipe i found in House and Home a few years back.  the original recipe is a curried sauce (Patak's or your own), but with neither available i used this delicious sauce that i randomly picked up at Gourmet Warehouse.

Delicious Mango Sauce
2 rice-cooker-cups of rice
2 cans of chickpeas
5-6 cups of raw spinach

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees
Make your rice!

1. thoroughly rinse chickpeas and shuck as many as possible
(this reduces the gas factor ;) )

2. generously coat the chickpeas with Mango Sauce and spread out evenly
in ONE LAYER in a pan.  Throw in oven and set your timer for 10-12 mins
you may not need to do it for this long as different brands of chickpeas tend to have
different levels of moisture/dryness.  if your chickpea brand is a little dryer you may
only need to put them in for 8-10mins... you'll figure it out...

3. in a bowl, generously coat your swiss chard or spinach
(this bowl was FULL prior to saucing... you will see at the end that i should have
done probably twice as much as the spinach really wilts and shrinks in size)

4.  Depending on how much rice you are making and how much you like coconut, 
throw about a half cup of coconut shavings into a pan on medium.  
be sure to watch the pan as the coconut will turn brown immediately
once the pan is hot enough.  it usually takes a while for the pan to heat and then out of
nowhere BAM! the coconut is brown!  leave coconut to sit until rice is ready.

5. chickpeas ready!  pull out the pan and evenly distribute your chard/spinach overtop 
the chickpeas and throw in the oven for 5 mins

6.  rice is ready!  transport rice into pan for the rice and coconut party!

mix those bitches up!

7.  as you can see the spinach has shriveled and shrunk in size and does so even more
once you mix it around with the chickpeas as seen below

needs more spinach...



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