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Ethans' birthday was thursday, we went over for a spaghetti dinner.  it was great that we were able to see him because his party this sunday is at 2:30-4pm which is precisely Moses nap and i was uncertain how we were going to manage attending...  

dropped off Moses at my mom's house.  i stayed an hour while kev did a super quick Costco run.  YAY! MOSES-FREE-THURSDAY = TV NIGHT WITH K!  

OH! i keep forgetting to mention that we started doing CRY IT OUT with coco.  or maybe i did... anyway, it progressed for 2 days and then digressed last night.  
Tues - 40 minutes
Wed - 15 minutes
Thursday - 5-10 minutes
Friday - 40 minutes

i'm just thankful that it is easier this time around in terms of having to listen to chloe cry.  not that i enjoy the crying or anything, but once you've gone through it you don't feel so bad because you know that they are ok.  they just love being spoiled by the warmth and comfort of your body.  

FRIDAY!  was a great day.  i bussed out to Vancouver to meet Caela and have a carefree day.  we visited work.  everyone was disappointed that i was sans moses but took their turns holding coco :)  we walked up to Blubird and i purchased this amazingly cute and equally delicious set of candles with the Xmas gc from my friend ainge.  
Set includes: Brown Sugar, Cannabis Santal and Citron de Vigne

i had planned to get the TOCCA "Yma" candle that i usually get but this set was cheaper, had a variety and i looooooove all three of the scents.

Cae was given a GC for $150 at Goldfish and so generously offered to treat us to lunch so we walked (coco in the carrier and caela pushing the bugaboo through the swarms of lunchtime traffic) all the way to Gastown only to find they were not open for lunch!  BOoooo!  disappointingly, so was Hapa Izakaya.  so we settled for calamari, pizza and drinks at Earls.  we skytrained out to Richmond - i was going to my mom's to pick up mo and she just happened to be getting picked up there as well - and went shopping.  GOD I HATE SHOPPING EVERYTHING LOOKS LIKE TERDBALLS ON ME STILL!!!!!!  i guess it's better that way since i don't have the money to be dropping anyway...

today was a chill day.  i took the kiddos to Roaming Rascals while kev started laying down the white paint in our room.  (yes, i know it's been ages since we painted the feature wall in there and had not had the time to do the rest...)  when the kids both finally fell asleep i took a walk on my own.  it's an alien world without having even ONE child to carry around.  all i had were my keys and phone in my pockets, not even a bag to slug over my shoulder for comfort, i was NAKED.  i didn't know what to do with my arms, they just kind of hung off my shoulders like thick vines on a branch.  

anyway.  kev is just finishing up the second coat and then we will be heading over to my cousin's for dinner with her and her beau!  

oh! before i take off, i must mention that following GotCraft i was contacted a second time by one of the members of One Of a Kind requesting me to partake as well as from another lady who is part of a craft show out in White Rock who was very taken with my stuff.  hooray!  it's a hard job marketing yourself so it's really great when people like your work :)


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