moses you little terdlet AND "happy 5 months coco let's eat!"

Levi's from Cae

Moses had his 2 year old check-up yesterday.  He celebrated (early) by scattering a pile of photos all over his floor, taking out all the juice boxes from the pantry and ripping off all the straws (he did manage to get ONE straw into ONE juicebox which i found 6 hours later, half empty), took a brand new apple juice carton managing to rip off the seal and drink it spilling it all over the couch (no photo...), and poured an entire carton of milk into his bowl which overflowed onto the table and floor while i was changing coco's diaper.

His appointment went well.  His head circumference and height are "off the charts" and he is in the 80% for his weight.  He got two penguin stickers for each manhand.  We made a quick visit to the Granville Island park.  It was a hot day!  It was perfect!  I know that it will get hotter but I wish so much that summer won't be a hot one :(  We don't have air conditioning and it pains me so much to have the both of them roasting in the backseat soaked in sweat by the time we arrive home.  And it was only 18 degrees!

We started Coco on solids today! And what a perfect day to start on her 5 months!  I can't believe how fast the time has passed.  I have been so focused on surviving day by day that time has just pulled the rug from beneath my feet leaving me stunned.  Who is this little girl?  I am sad that she isn't just the tiny bundle of warmth any longer, especially when I see super newborns rolled up into a tiny ball against their parents' chest.  How are they SO small?!  Sigh.  And I'm sad because I totally can't remember those days anymore, they have been erased from my memory.  I don't remember what it feels like to hold such a small baby.  They change so dramatically, by the week, by the day!  I remember 5 months with Moses feeling like an eternity, this time round it's been no time at all, it's just GO GO GO GO!

Anyway... Here are some photos of Coco's first bites of brown rice cereal.  I figured that since rice is so low on the allergies list that it would be safe to start her a month early.  I had to!  Everytime I eat a banana with her in my other arm she just dives for it with grabby hands and a big ol' mouth.  She loved the rice and ate a lot!


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