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happy birthday hanu! 

today is hanu's big TWO birthday.  we drove out for a wonderful morning/afternoon at Maplewood Farms out in North Van.  i was on the fence about making the trek out after a very stressful evening at my mom's last night, but i felt a lot better this morning and took the challenge.  i wish i had been able to take photos.  i left the camera in the car because i figured i wouldn't have enough hands or the ability with chloe in the carrier to take many photos anyway.  no regrets.  i figure i'll just go back another day with kev.

the farm was a great success with so much to see and an expansive area for kids to roam around.  moses saw animals for the first time in real life!  a big black potbellied pig (oh and all the animals had a big sign with their name on it haha), sheep and lambs, goats, BUNNIES!, peacocks, chickens, roosters, baby chicks, ducks, ponies, donkeys, and my favourite was the two horses "Prince" and "Tom".  i hadn't seen horses myself in a long time and was taken aback by their size, i couldn't imagine how moses felt when he realized how big horses truly are.  he was pretty amazed by them.  

moses fell in a pile of muck which i keep telling myself was "mud" and nothing else...  thankfully Syx was there to help clean off moses since i was wearing coco in the carrier.  i was so angry at myself for not bringing an extra pair of pants for moses, especially since i considered it this morning after he fell in a puddle yesterday when we visited Stef out in Ladner.  

Taryn came very prepared with a plentiful and delicious lunch for all!  sammiches, chips and salsa, granola bars, strawberries, bananas and OF COURSE! (gluten free) cupcakes and whipping cream!  it was such a nice little picnic  :)

moses fell asleep on the way back for the last 15 minutes of the drive... and that was it.  he spent THREE HOURS lying in his bed talking and playing.  i was livid but kept telling myself it was fine and not to worry since there will be days like this and that i should be thankful he is at least in bed resting and not crying and running in and out of his room.

ALRIGHT.  onto the next subject: CRYING IT OUT PART II
It's the first night i'm trying out CIO with coco.  i just did the 15 minute check up.  i'm a little worried though...i mean i don't know how early is ok to do this.  she's coming up on 5 months which is much earlier than when we did this with moses.  she is extremely upset right now.  just checked, it was in february so he was about 8-9 months!  holy cow, so this is like half the time?  she just stopped crying...  well, she's passed out.   so 40 mins.  *exhale*  so i don't know what to do now when she wakes up in the middle of the night? argh.

so, more on coco: she has a few signature characteristics about her.  1) her crazy person hair.  it's all thinned out from so much rubbing and from having had to clean her scalp from cardle cap except for the top area which stands up from the back and falls down flat into a curl at the front.  2) she is super happy and loves loves loves to stick out her tongue.  it's so cute and i love it.  i'm thrilled to report her skin seems to be improving and requires less maintenance these days.  also!  she loooooooooooves the jolly jumper!  we just pulled it out this past week and she is so adorable in it with her giant happy mouth and little legs bouncing.  here is the video!

and this totally cracked me up.  i was in the computer room and when i stepped out, i found coco bouncing with the construction helmet on.

also.  i cut my hair on friday.  i don't remember if i mentioned it since then but i did and i am not sure how i am feeling about it.  i definitely like how much lighter it feels, but it looks a little "mom-esque" which makes my stomach turn.  oh well.  it's not that short and it will grow out and when i find my iron, it will look better.


another big day tomorrow


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