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1.  thanks to the lady who bought two of my prints on saturday and came back for a third one today!

2. on a sour note, we just got a strata package in the mail yesterday and apparently we are being asked once again to pay for the older building whom shares are strata.  they need a new roof and we are being asked to shell out a revolting $5000 in TWO MONTHS!  the voting is next week so we have two options of payment or the third option to opt out.  75% wins the vote.

3. coco's check up from last thursday vs momo (at 4 months)
Chloe                                       Moses
weight - 15lbs 5oz                    14lbs 13oz
height - 64cm / 25.2"              65.3cm / 25.7"
head - 42.3cm / 16.7"             41.7cm / 16.4"

i am going to go ahead and say that chloe can roll over.  at least from her front to the back since she rolled off the bed just this week and rolled over and fell off the couch this evening.  she is so wonderful.  she is still not sleeping through the night... i'm still feeding her anywhere from 3-5 times a night, the extras usually in the morning when i don't want to get up so i throw couple suckies in there.  yes suckies. gross.

i'm so busy and so distracted that i forget how fast she is growing and that she is really not as much of a baby anymore.  she laughs and giggles and is becoming more aware of her surroundings as well as recognizing familiar faces.  she is such a happy little baby, it makes my heart explode with joys.  

4. moses' language is amazing.  still behind the average but still amazing for us.  i feel awful because for the past two almost three weeks he intermittently will start saying the F word when my phone starts to ring which makes me wonder if this is what i do?  i don't know why i would be swearing when my phone rings and if i have i can't imagine i do it that often.  how am i tackling this?  i don't react because even a bad reaction or a lecture on "bad words" will probably just encourage him.  so i will often just ask him what he is saying as if i don't understand and ask him if he is saying "fork"?  i have to really watch my language because he is in a serious "copycat" stage where he just says EVERYTHING we say.

tonight he started calling kevin "kevin" instead of dad which was hilarious.  he is putting together a lot of three word sentences, ideas or descriptions such as "big blue slide" or "dada fix car/wheel" or "momo play outside".  he helps put soothers in coco's mouth and tells her "no cry coco no cry".  his pronunciation of a lot of words is improving weekly as well.  the only word i can think of is "again" which used to be "a-dah" but i think i may have mentioned that before?

he went pee in his potty a few nights ago following a shower with kevin.  we have not been pushing the potty at all, although he does know what it is used for.  perhaps this is non-chalant approach is the way to go?  when he wants to he will?  god, i'm sure even if it is successful, EVERYTHING always changes and i would bet a million bucks that he would rebel a month or two down the road.

kevin has taught moses about "toe jam" in the shower.  it is funny.

OMG i'm so tired i'm gonna die


  1. That shit terrifies me about owning a condo. It's like all the work and money you've put in to owning going down the drain for something you have little choice over. Annoying! I wonder how long before this starts happening to us. Our condo was new when we bought it 3 years ago.

    I love your approach to parenting. I think acting confused about his swearing is totally the best way to go and letting him use the potty at his own pace is totally good too.



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