had a lovely lovely afternoon off yesterday thanks to renee and dustin!  after dropping off the kids, kevin dropped me off at the skytrain to bus downtown while he went to pick up a free transmission in east van.  i found the dress at H&M but it looked horrible on me, as did a few other things i tried on.  kev met up with me and we shopped in the kids, finding only a grey cardigan for coco.  no plain girl hoodies anywhere!  and Paul Frankly, i didn't want to spend an arm and leg at American Apparel.  we parted after H&M, k went to Holt to see if he could snag any good deals on a dress shirt while i wandered into Aritzia in search for a top or dress for 1 of this summer's weddings.  thankfully this year has only 2 weddings... i doubt i could handle another season of 5 weddings!  I FOUNT A GORGEOUS TOP!  and thanks to JW's gc i got it for 50% off

Le Fou by Wilfred
gorgeous lace tank top seen on the left
the dress version is here on the right

i was dying in a puddle of drool over this top, not only because of the intricate handiwork, but because i couldn't believe that it actually looked great on me (all proportions considered).  low enough neckline to cut weight from the girls and the perfect mix of loose and fitted to create the illusion of an hourglass rather than tits on a box.  and the cherry on top? enough stretch and room to pull it for breastfeeding :P

we walked hand in hand through downtown with nobody crying, whining, or wandering into the street; no schedule to need to work around; no stroller to push, no baby to wear, and nothing to carry except my  fave leather purse free of any emergency snacks or diaper or toys.  just me giddily laughing like a crazy person with my hubtaro.

LUNCH at Oru
he had: 
Honey & Yogurt Marinated Fruit Salad
mango-mint smoothie, milk chocolate banana bread
she had:
French Toast
coconut milk, vanilla-pineapple compote, toasted pecans
yes it was nothing short of (PEACEFULLY) delicious!  it was so nice to have moments of silence.  most people might feel "awkward", and it was a little strange, but i quickly brushed off the strange and welcomed NAY devoured the wonderful lack of ear-aching-chest-contracting-head-exploding voices and parental responsibility.  FREEDOM TASTES DELICIOUS!

moses passed out in the car and slept even longer at home.  we had an early dinner which allowed for us to take advantage of the unusually warm weather and head to Centennial Beach for an hour.  


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