so many kids!  so many crowns!  for some reason i've made the crazy decision to make original crafted crowns for all the kids coming on sunday for momo's partay.  i've been obsessively checking the extended day forecasts and it seems to be getting better.  today news1130 is saying

WOO HOO!!! 18 degrees and partly sunny!!!!
that means warm weather but overcast clouds for some good photo opportunities!

so far i have 11 crowns!  4 from november when i was making them for Leila's party which got cancelled.  i'm trying to think of what to do for the two older girl who are 8(?) and 10...  thinking of that feather headpiece posted from la petite magazine

no more parties after this one for moses.  we dropped $30 just for plates and cups and forks.  and the cake will probs total about $50 DIY-ing it.  it will be GLUTEN FREE!  i also want to do a tiny bunting decor for the cake 

so much to do so much to do


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