Toddler Art Class Day II: Messy and Only Mildly Scathed

today was stamp day and make your own messy art shirt day.  it was messy messy messy but the kids all seemed to have had an enjoyable time.  i think we underestimated how messy it would be and just how quickly these shirts would be completed.  once the shirts were done, kids would get their hands washed and then retreat to the tables just to get them covered in paint again!  the tables were too chaotic to put down paper for more stamping which is something we didn't expect, but it was ok, this is an experimental process for taryn and i, and will give us a better idea of how to handle certain classes if we decide to do them again in the future.

we did have one mom that was upset as, forgive her mom brain, she failed to remember the class description directing kids to wear messable clothing.  she thought the acrylic paints were washable, which they are not and she was very upset about this and at us for not stating so at the beginning of our class.  one mom asked if we were going to do roll call and dirty-shirt-mom^ also asked us "what now?" once their shirt was complete.  for the most part, all the parents seem to be more than happy with our laissez-faire class structure and lack of typical classroom organization especially since they can see that Taryn has her own toddler (and will start to show she is preggers... sorry Taryn you don't look noticeably preggers yet :P ) and I have Moses while carrying Coco around in a carrier.  i guess you just need to know that you will never be able to please anyone, no matter what you do.

enough babble, here are the photos from today!


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