the cars seem to be working!!!!

so!  potty training seems to have taken a turn for the better and i'm crossing my fingers that it continues to be a success.  we went to Granville Island yesterday with Caela and Trizie and baby Aria.  we went to the kid's market where i purchased a pack of super cute car stickers, hoping that these might help bribe moses where the chocolates failed.  on top of offering stickers for successful pees and poos, i quickly decorated a loose leaf sheet of paper with roads and tress and buildings so that moses would have a place to put the stickers rather than have him stick them on his body and fall by the wayside while playing.  i am proud to say that since yesterday afternoon, he now has SEVEN stickers on his paper!!!!!

as a matter of fact, his seventh sticker celebrated his first time 1) realizing he had to pee  2) holding it as he went to the bathroom  3) pulling his underwear down  4) peeing  5) pulling his underwear up and continuing whatever he had been doing!

i didn't even know he did it!  i thought for a second that maybe i didn't empty his last pee and that maybe he didn't pee at all, but i distinctly remember emptying it as well as this pee was noticeably larger and clearer than the previous pees which were a little more yellow and just small amounts.  HE DIDN'T EVEN ASK FOR A STICKER!

oh god please tell me this is going to keep up!

oh yeah!!!!  he just said "PEE!!!"  and held it and did a big pee in the potty!!! yessssssss!!!!!


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