yes it's 1:18am and i can't sleep

i bought a button machine tonight.  $405 dollars that i am borrowing from moses' bank account, seeing as he has more money than i do and isn't spending it.  i will of course reimburse him.

anyway... this purchase seems to have had a crazy impact on me and re-awoken (?) my now 10 year dream of 

i want to have my own shop

i know what it looks like and i know what's in it
it's white.  it's all white.  galleria white.
it has the all popular bunting in bubblegum colours hanging from the ceiling
it has everything from my own screenprinted designs on perfectly folded piles of 
onesies and child size shirts to my favourite art books and children's books

i would include one of my favourite artists: the ever talented Vancouverite Andrea Wan
locally made stuffies such as these from Thistle Town

i would have a storefront window and it would change monthly
it would have streamers like this

according to theme and season and holidays like...
Dia De Los Muertos
where i would hang the tissue paper flags

and have a table set up front with food!
and maybe have food be a regular thing... monthly?
weekly during the summers?
of course i would have the button station

i really truly love the Regional Assembly of Text and what they have created
i have yet to visit Collage Collage but i feel like i would like to have something
between the two of them 
but incorporating my own style

i love the screenprinted rolls of wrapping paper
the button station
the stamp sets
the postcards
the greeting cards

i would perhaps do some small art classes

would try to contact the nice tsawwassen mom i met at the park the other day who does
organic baby/toddler attire in gastown and sell her goods

i would absolutely sell the beautifully crafted goods kev's mom makes
since she is such an impeccably clean seamstress

this is what i want

a place where i can be creative for a living
a beautifully open space to thrive
a cozy place where mo and co can enjoy after school
a favourite place for the young and old alike
a place where you are gauranteed to find the perfect original gift
a place where you peruse the shelves even though you already 
know your favourites and have wishlisted them 10 times
a place that makes you feel happy and smells like vanilla cupcakes

i'm scared
how do i go about making this happen?


  1. i know... what else am i going to do??? i have to research and see if i can maybe apply for a canadian arts grant? we'll see what's still available with our shittay government. but i'll probably have another year or two before i make this happen.

  2. I'm already in love with your store and it doesn't even exist - YET.

    Seriously, Regional Assembly & Collage Collage make it work (and are awesome - you NEED to take Moses to Collage Collage for some art time that you don't need to lead!), there is absolutely no reason why you can't, too.

    Do you know Lili & Henry from Spool of Thread? They just hit their 1 year mark and would be great people to talk to about the whole process going from vision to opening as they're so new (and also awesome). They're right next to Collage Collage which is a fun strip (your store would fit right in :P)

    The biggest challenge is start up cash, everything else will come together (and I'm happy to help with questions & answers as much as I can along the way!)

    Are you on EI for mat leave? I know they often have self employment programs often with available cash, I wonder if it's something you can access??

    Otherwise, I'd highly suggest getting in touch with the women's enterprise centre - http://www.womensenterprise.ca/. They offer support in creating business plans, accessing resources, and also in obtaining business loans through their program. As with any business you will have to financially support it at least in part on your own, but one of their loans would be the perfect way to help your money go further and get things off the ground :)


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