jumble jumble birthday bumble

i had planned to have a birthday party at Centennial with some friends last Saturday and then decided to go out for dinner and get dressed up and be free from the kids.  after no responses to my messages and immediately following the phonecall that put me over the edge on friday morning, I cancelled the event.  why why why?  i mean, i enjoyed having just gone over for the usual Saturday night dinner at the inlaws where we did the whole birthday thing, but man did i feel like an ass when it turned out to be a truly beautiful evening, PERFECT for the beach.    i turn into a baby every year on my birthday, although kevin will argue that it happens over mothers day/new years/ etc... as well.  this year was no exception.  i cancelled in my dramatic cancerian fashion.  oh well.  we'll save the beach debauchery for another summer weekend  :)  in the meantime, my birthday has been spread over a week's time with lunches with friends which is probably what i need more anyway.  

photos from friday's bbq celebration for Ada's Graduation from BCIT!

we ended up driving out to Langley saturday morning for a birthday bra.  it's been 5-6 months since i bought those nursing bras and so the lady recommended i get resized.  well, people, the girls are now at a 30G.  it truly sucks to not be able to buy a $20/$30 bra off the rack and instead be forced to choose between a $117 or $170 bra.  not some slinky sexy overpriced designer brand, but an all support wtf-size-are-you-? mega bra.  i told kev to forget about it since it didn't seem worth the money when we have the splendid roof to pay for, but he insisted and left me in the car while he went back in to get it for me.  he also offered me to take a few hours off in the afternoon to hit the mall with Michelle.  after 2 hours, we came home with nothing for ourselves, Michelle found some things for Ethan.  such is the case... toddlers don't care if something makes them look fat :P   

sunday we took it easy and stayed in town.  kev bought me this book which i am super in love with!

i love it!  it breaks everything down and offers the exact review of printmaking techniques that i have been needing.  i had considered the possibility of going back to Kwantlen and buddying up with my old teachers and seeing if i could get a free pass of reviewing stuff, but this book does exactly that!  i'm so excited to start my own projects!

we  had fish and chips at the beach for dinner.  moses kept misbehaving so we left early.  

yesterday i turned 28.  it was just another day for me but it was a good day in that the kids were reasonably well behaved.  i woke up NOT EXHAUSTED.  chloe had been awake beside me for a while but had not engaged in her usual hour-long crying.  moses woke up in a good mood at 8am and came in.  i told him it was my birthday and he replied "NO! Momo Birthday!"  he followed it up later with "happy birthday to mommy"  :)

we scurried to get out for my bang trim and momo's NEW haircut!  



coco is on her way to crawling!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Phanie! My social networking break really messes up my ability to wish my friends a happy birthday.

    Taryn & I ran into each other today and decided one day this week should be a ladies dessert night evening. Are you free anytime?? I will make the time!


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