moco updates

1. is pronouncing his S's but they are coming out as "sh"s and "th"s
Eg: "momo shit here" "yeth peash"

2. new sayings: "be carefoh!"

3. having higher frequency of terrible two's facedown meltdowns as seen in Toddler Art Class Day 5.  these are often accompanied by whiny fake cries of "falll dowwwwnn!!!" when he himself has put himself on the floor in a puddle of self pity.  along these lines, he also like to throw things on the floor (if not himself) and also cry "uh oh fall down!".  i have to say, the term "terrible twos" is a very tame and conservative way of describing this age because i really see him as being a jerk/asshole.  don't be appalled by that comment, but just THINK if an adult acted this way!  you would totally call them a douche!  

4. as of today i am attempting to do the 3 DAY POTTY TRAINING where he runs around with nothing on his butt all day except for sleep times.  so far he left me 3 terd piles (1 on the couch, 1 underneath coco's jolly jumper and a streak on the floor by the table) which made me angry since i asked him every 5 minutes if he had to poo/pee and he kept telling me "no", BUT shortly after i went to use the bathroom and noticed that there was a good amount of pee in his potty!!!  he went by himself without even telling me!  score!

1. if i haven't already mentioned, she babbles a lot and has moved from bababa dadada to "mmmmm(a)" this week.

2. had her first tooth last week (bottom left) and this week has BOTH bottom teeth!  they feel great when clenched down on my nipple

3. has rolled off the bed and couch a few times, and yesterday managed to heave herself out of the Bumbo... no more Bumbo on the table which is what it tells you never to do anyway for these very reasons. thank god she didn't heave herself onto the table AND then fall on the floor.  that would have been an instant trip to the hospital.

4.  still feeding her rice cereal but try to keep it to only once or twice a day otherwise she doesn't poo forever.  i keep catching her in the middle of pooping.  i'll smell her farts and go to change her and end up sitting there watching her pump it out like one of those playdough machines...  gross yes.  

5.  trying to do more practicing with sitting.  she has been starting to get both her knees under her which is all just a precursor to her crawling.  i can't believe how fast everything is happening with her it's freaking me out big time.  my mindset is perpetually stuck at her being 3 months old and never getting older.  and yet she keeps progressing and reminding me that she is aging beneath my nose.  i keep treating her like a little baby but she'll be crawling in two months, pulling up soon after, cruising and walking!  why is this going so fast this time!


  1. Girls walk and talk much sooner than boys. Coco is soon gonna be kicking Momo's cute little ass if he keeps pooping in non-toilets!

    p.s. I extremely love the "tell-it-like-it-is" nature of your posts. The clenching on the nipple makes me rub mine in faux pain.


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