more terrible twos for the moms-to-be....

this is an excerpt from Taryn's blog:

It all started off pretty well with a family breakfast and getting ourselves ready for a much anticipated visit with the newly arrived Miss Nova Boden. It quickly took a turn for the worse after I took my newly acquired handed-down-from-my-husband-because-he-got-a-better-more-expensive-camera camera down from it’s usual out of toddler reach spot on top of the refrigerator. Yes, I keep my camera on top of the fridge, THAT’S how much I trust my two year old. I popped in the memory card, a fresh battery and left it on the desk while I took her down the hallway to put on her shoes. Stupid me. Stupid STUPID me.
In the time it took me to put my shoes on after her’s, she ran back down the hallway, climbed up on a chair and retrieved said camera from the desk I left it on. I didn’t breath, I didn’t move. Time freezes when a toddler holds something expensive when they shouldn’t be holding it. Just as I managed to whisper ‘Hanna, please be careful with mommy’s ca-”, she tossed it. Threw it. The sound as it hit the ground made me nauseous.
She knew what she had done the second she had done it and started apologizing right away over and over. She knows she’s not supposed to touch the big cameras and I think that in the surprise of being caught red handed, she tried to dispose of the evidence (right on the tiled kitchen floor). I couldn’t bring myself to yell at her or get angry because I could genuinely see the concern in her face over my tears. “I’m sorry mommy, I’m sorry mommy. Mommy don’t be sad.” And when I told her I was sad because now I didn’t have a camera anymore, she told me “You can have Hanna’s camera.” It was a sweet little moment that probably saved her life.
Taryn is 20 weeks pregnant, so for all yous that are currently pregnant and know the woes of feeling fat and frustrated, nauseous and unbearable headaches, drenched with incomprehensible fatigue, imagine having to deal with similar situations on a day to day basis.


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