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wow what a weekend, summer has finally decided to grace us with its presence after a dreary spring!  i'm hoping - as much as i love the sun - that this summer is not a scorcher because having to get out and about with a run-away toddler and a chubba-chubba baby in carrier raises my body temperature about 5 degrees. i can handle about 22 with a nice cool breeze.

so with this whole roof business going on, our total is $4300.  i say "our" total because every unit pays according to square footage of their own place.  the first half is due by August and the second due by September.  it's a heavy blow but we are lucky that kev's parents have offered to help which is awesome because that means we don't have to go to a bank and borrow and pay interest.  in the meantime, we're really trying to tighten our finances (at least i won't crave London Fogs in this warmer weather...), i've been lucky to have had a handful of freelance projects come my way via friends (thank you!) and kevin has been doing a lot of selling/middle manning car parts (vintage cars of course).  the downside of course is that kevin has to take time travelling to obtain/deliver parts and with the current DUDE, he will be offering mechanic services.  he drove out to Chilliwack (1.5 hours) to pick up a bunch of parts from a guy who just wanted to get rid of a bunch of parts for a pittance and is selling it to another guy who is paying the going prices.  

it's very difficult for me to swallow this... but it was my yearning that got us into this condo knowing that it would be a gamble in terms of having to pick up the slack for maintenance on the older condos that share our strata.  i mean i don't know where we would have bought otherwise.  i do wonder if we could have MAYBE afforded a house with a little help...  and i CONSTANTLY regret not buying the penthouse suite at theRetro where we were renting prior to moving to Tsawwassen.   i fantasize about it all the time and i hate it.  i think it had been going for ~378???  we paid $347, 500.  at least with the penthouse it would have been a guarantee of selling it for more after a few years and potentially making enough to buy a house out here....  ARGH!  but i can't think of that!   and what about all the amazing friends i have made out here.  it wasn't meant to be...  oh wait, i found the listing for it.

the super awesome thing that i just couldn't get over about this place is that with the 10 foot ceilings, there was this cozy nook/crawl space in the bedroom as you can see.  you can climb up and hang out and it basically was the entire length/width of the room.

obvs would have been momo's room with the great big windows

AND OR the solarium beside the bedroom through the windows could have been his bedroom and the other could have been the workspace...  and if/when coco came along moses could move into the "workspace" and coco could move into the solarium.

i would still move back here in a heartbeat

AND love the frigging polished concrete wall

i have thoroughly depressed myself.

sigh...  so now i get to spend more days sans kevin taking care of the kids so he can try to round up some "free cash" to put towards this roof.  i guess, i need to stop staring at this boatload of lemons and just make barrels of lemonade.  at least i have a wonderful dutiful responsible multi-talented and resourceful husband that still makes us dinner after a hard day at work, still puts momo to bed, will still have sex with my postbabybaby body (once every 2-3 weeks if we're not already past out LOL), and is sacrificing time with us to win even more bread.  

oh ah oh ah eh we're a happy family
(the Ramones)

(that poor Boston goalie must have felt like such a toadstool)

yesterday was a busy day.  it was a race at 8:12am to get out of bed, get the kids fed and dressed, snacks packed to make it as early as possible to the aquarium.  they opened at 9:30am and try as we did, we got out of the house at 9:20am instead of 845-9am.  we met up with Michelle and Ethan on a gorgeous sunny day and had a great time.  the aquarium is fantastic because the boys are so young that with every visit, they understand more and experience it differently each time.  they gain more patience, they have greater attention spans and they are more curious.  it is also a great place for summer so that we can enjoy the sun and then hide inside if it gets too hot.  we didn't bring the camera but i'll be sure to steal some photos from Michelle :)

kev and i had a bunch of small fights.  he doesn't have a lot of patience and he is more of a cynical mind which doesn't mesh well with my try-to-make-the-best-of-situations.  i feel bad because he should be allowed to be impatient and upset some of the time, but i always end up cutting him up over it.  i always end up going through the argument that he is not allowed to be impatient and aggravated with or because of the kids since i have to deal with them 80% of the time and if i can do it, he should shut up and do it.  i understand that not having the 80% of the time with him does not allow him to build up his tolerance, but i can't help it because it sucks!  it sucks it sucks it sucks!   it's just not fair.

anyway, we fought on the way to the aquarium and from the aquarium out to the bridal shower for my cousin's faincee.  it is funny... our fights are like flickering ashes that shoot burning hot from a fire and then fizzle out seconds later.  they do not tend to set fire to anything and spread.  i think we don't have enough gas to create big enough fires...  oh analogies...  the shower was fun!  her family was incredibly friendly and hospitable.  i did not at all feel uncomfortable.  lots of adorable girls!  Ava, Valentina and i forget the other one.  Moses was running round tables with 3 year old Ava who is also mixed with super SnowWhite skin and very dark dark hair, medium brown eyes.  just a gorgeous little twig.  her sister Valentina was much darker skin with lighter hair and lighter eyes.  it was so neat to see how different they were the same way Momo and Coco are so different from one another.  

much food was eaten.  i hung out with Lauren, the sister of the groom who introduced the newlyweds to be 5 years ago.  i had a great time, a better time than i had anticipated with all my new post-babies anxiety.  

and here we are on another beautiful sunny monday.  we were up early and took advantage of the cooler morning to head over to Centennial with Saara and Leila.  it ended up being a lot hotter than expected!  we dressed the kids for a potentially cool day but ended up sweating extra lugging all the extra clothes and blankets around :P

the kids are napping and i am relaxing in the coolness of our bottom level suite with fresh air circulating through the sliding door.  i gotta go clean up as the Ethan and Parents are coming over for communal dinner and to watch the hockey game!

hope you all had a wonderful weekend <3


  1. We have condo buying regrets as well. Only a year later we decided to move out to the country in a new house my parents bought with a suite suited to us so nicely. So now we are renting our condo which is the most giant pain in the ass and I have to remind myself anytime our tenants give us trouble that we want to stay in the market and buy a house one day (maybe keep the condo for retirement if we can). sigh sigh.

    That penthouse is gorgeous but your condo looks amazing as well (I WANT TO SEE PICTURES!!) Strata is such a shit show. My fear is owing something like you guys owe for a roof (thats not even over your head if i'm correct?) what a pain. Glad to hear you'll have help :)

    This has turned into an email...but I just realized your blog isn't showing up on my google reader everytime you post. Love the pictures from moses's bday and the baby teeth picture of coco!


  2. thank you for this message :) we should talk more


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