photo updates

we had our first patio picnic

momo in my mom's front yard with her blooming flowers
hahha he looks bewildered

gratuitous sleeping photos
this is a very accurate example of what they more or less look like when sleeping
moses is always on his back now and coco always has blankets in her face

potty training is going well
slowly yet surely
he still pees himself occasionally or just a little bit and finishes off in the potty
he did a whole bunch of poops yesterday morning, he kept dropping a terd then would run out
then come back again to drop another one.  he did about 6-8 hahaha  i was so happy lol
it's actually now at the point where he won't even remember or ask for a sticker
i wish i wasn't so dead tired in the morning so i wouldn't be asleep when he takes his morning poo


bathtime shenanigans!

moses the ham

why is he so crazy?

coco looking overboard

guess what?... SHEEP BUTT!  Lol owned!

splash splash

3 babies.  2 toddlers.  1 lunch
at kev's grandparents house today for brunch :)


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