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yogurt warpaint!!!

coco soufflee a la mode

ok so you are not going to believe this bc my jaw is still sore from having hit the ground when i saw this, but moses put this train track together.  it was in PIECES in a box.  i didn't touch a single track because i suck balls at putting this thing together.  i just got royally owned... by a two year old.

went to Walmart today bc diaps were on sale...  i decided to go the route of undies since i am pretty darn tired of cleaning piss and shit off the floor but they had none.  luckily, going over to the H&M i found a ton and they were cheaper (some were on sale!) and of course way more rad looking.  i got him a couple Lightning McQueens, a BarbaPappa set, a monster trucks set ($7 from $18!) and another set with stripes and solids.  here is momo sporting a pair of McQueeners along with his new hat courtesy of Cait who came out with us and offered the hat as a belated birthday gift.

moses the homeboy having his first "tea party" with his animals
(no tea, just food...)

slick fellas!


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