Toddler Art Class Day 8: Coffee Filter Butterflies and Father's Day Buttons

so today was awesome but a bit of a gong show as my trusty sidekick klf was unable to attend today's class.  with my hands full, i only managed to get a few snapshots of butterflies but no buttons other than of my own.  i'll save them for the father's day post...

this is absolutely up there with the suncatchers as being one of my favourite projects as it was equally simple in process and outstanding as product.  Taryn originally made these with Hanu using napkins but found they ddi not offer the most vibrant colours.  being the genius she is, she used coffee filters which totally ruled because no matter how sopping wet the kids applied their watercolour paints, they did not disintegrate and fall apart!  and i can not even begin to describe just how beautiful the watercolour moved throughout these filters, you couldn't make these ugly if you tried!  the kids used every single colour and the colours didn't muddy up at all!  

once the kids finished applying their paint, the parents dried them with blowdryers
very fast and very efficient

once dry, the filters were folded or scrunched down the middle and held in place
with a clothespin before spreading out the "wings"


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