wish i had a computer chip in my head


funny bc they are pretty much the same age in these photos give a couple of weeks!

I WISH I HAD A COMPUTER CHIP IN MY HEAD because i go through everyday jotting down things that i want to remember to post in terms of updates for the kids but i never have the time or opportunity to actually write them down anywhere, and all my mental notes last about 30 seconds.  wah wah wah.

coco is babbline tonnes these days.  she likes to start talking when she has woken up on her own.  i watched her wake up this morning and i was dying of how cute she was with her arms stretching in the air and then grabbing at her feet before she started to talk quietly to herself "ba ba ba ba ah da da da mmmmA mmmA"

i am in love with her.  it has been my experience that the second child is easier "knowing what to expect".  she is just the loveliest and sweetest little baby, she is so easy to love and knowing that she is the last bebe i find myself truly enjoying the hell outta her, drowning her with hugs and kisses and snuggles.  my patience for her is 10 times the patience i had for moses which is no surprise.  everything with the first is always a challenge.  their cries are forever roping you in and you feel guilty and frustrated, and carrying them to placate their separation anxiety rivals carrying a potato sack that keeps getting filled with another potato every minute.  i remember loathing moses for this but now that i've done it carrying coco is a breeze.  ok i'm lying, it's a breeze in comparison, but still very annoying and inconvenient and tiresome.  i just keep telling myself to enjoy this time because when she gets older, i am going to wish for these simple days.  all they want and need now is love.  they are not going to want this all the time when they are older.  i won't be able to nor will i want to snuggle and kiss them five million times when they are stinky adolescents.

i've been trying to do more sitting practice.  she is getting better and better!  with her arms forward, she can prop herself up for anywhere from 10-20 seconds.  her rolling improves day by day, she is a lot more into it than moses was.  i feel like moses took forever.  but then again, everything seemed that way.

onto Moses
this is what moses is like 90% of the time after waking up from his afternoon naps.  lucky me.  i hate it.

it was really funny when i was taking this because he didn't like me filming his drama queen meltdown.

i give moses a big F for potty training.  i thought that he was going to ace this but potty training is a downright bitch when you have a child that DOES NOT CARE when he sees himself spraying all over the floor or DOES NOT CARE once he has peed in his underwear.  he won't even TELL YOU!!!  you end up finding out when a) you find a large puddle of it somewhere  b) you find wet tracks a few feet from the large puddle.  i thought the no underwear was going to work.  it hardly worked.  it worked a few times and then totally failed failed failed.  he pooped in the potty ONCE after going back and forth four times.  i thought we were good at that point but he laid another two coils in the entrance of the computer room here.  i brought him to the bathroom to pee on the potty and came back to clean the shit only to return to the bathroom and see him smearing his pee all over the floor.  yup.  sweet.  love being a mom of two and potty training by myself for the majority of the day.  sweet deal.

i've decided today to go the same route as Taryn and bust out the chocolate bribes.  i think it might be working/work... but i'm not holding my breath.  i can see him doing it for a day or two and then just getting pissed off at me and revert to peeing on chloe's toys for us to find a day later still wet and stinking like day old piss.  merde: c'est la vie.  

i don't get it.  everytime he pees in his undies and we clean the floor, we bring him to the bathroom to pee on the potty (just in case he has more).  we explain to him every single time in a very calm and non-angry manner that we pee on the potty and not in our underwear and not on the floor.  i have demonstrated a number of times how i do it and how i never do it in my underwear or on the floor.  and he looks at me with understanding eyes and says "yes, yes" everytime.  ARGH.  adventures in potty training.  

today was a good day.  we lounged around a bunch in the morning and did more cleaning.  i put coco to sleep after lunch and took off for a nice couple of hours with Saara.  lots of great conversation as we had a relaxing child-free walk at the beach and at the Ladner Market.  as if i didn't already have insane amounts of respect for her in the way she has handled her divorce, she managed to astound me and gain even more respect for her.  i am not worthy.  me and my first world problems!

following that lovely sunny afternoon, Michelle and Ethan came over for an impromptu communal dinner and run around at the skatepark.  omg those two boys together are just crazy.  they just feed off each other's intensity and it really just freaks me out how similar they are!  they scream in the same way, they meltdown in the same way, they have the same facial expressions, it is truly as if they are brothers from other mothers.  i feel a lot better about moses and his intensity because i know that his personality changes depending on who he is with.  i do think that the environment of the art class is a direct cause of his behaviour which is unfortunate.  but i see the way he is with ethan, i see the way he is with hanna, and i see the way he is with leila.  these are the 3 kids he spends the most time with and he is completely different with each one of them.  although this intensity does show itself with both ethan and hanna, it totally dissipates when he is with leila.  i think kids truly sense other kids' energies because ethan and hanna are super energy whereas leila is a lot more chill and quiet.  they feed off one another's energies.  at least this is my  CURRENT theory.

anyway it's 1130pm i need to get some shut eye...


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