a beach blanket for little soleil

this was one of the projects in my new book

the original is done with yams cut lengthwise to create a variety of leaf shapes

i chose to do a beach theme since a) it's summer and b) SOLEIL = beach!   the shells were done potato stamp style with baker potatoes and the letters you may recognize from toddler art class!!!
kev's mom was kind enough to provide the fabric and zoom it through the sewing machine in about
a tenth of the time it would take me.


it's been a weird couple of days.

i love this photo of me and coco from soleil's birthday party

and this one of coco with kevin

and ok a token photo of moses.  eating a veggie chip.


  1. ooooh, I would like to check this book out! Thats such a neat blanket! I bet they loved it. I love the concept of using a potato as a stamp. I like veggie chips too, Moses!

  2. hahahaha yes it's really awesome and easy and amazing. "yellow owl wokshop"


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