the hardest button to button

It's been a good long weekend so far, so as annoyed as I am right now that we had no plans today and it's a beautiful day that has been mostly wasted so far, I am going to try to not let it bother me and just be happy that it's been a great past couple of days.

The button maker has been getting busy!  Last weekend we went to the park and there was a dad with his son and the dad was wearing a shirt with the logo of the local skate shop so I was led to believe he was the owner.  I played it safe and just eavesdropped to see what kind of fellow he was before deciding whether or not to talk to him and offer button services.  He didn't seem like the nicest guy so I peaced out.  My sister suggested just making some samples and bringing them in, so that's what I did.

The samples looked awesome and I huffed and puffed with Mo&Co into town on the muggiest day of the week to bring them in.  Thank the Lord!  I discovered that dude at the park was NOT the owner, and the owner was super nice and stoked on the buttons!  I went back in yesterday and a younger worker was behind the counter but he knew about them and in his youthful manner told me how rad they were and that I should be getting an email soon for an order!  Hooray!

Kevin's sisters were also super receptive and supportive of me hosting a DIY BUTTON STATION at their store on Saturdays for a couple of hours to bring in some extra cashola and possibly more orders.  I just sent the handbill to be printed and hopefully I will be able to pick it up tomorrow/tuesday and get them distributed through town.

and i am doing my first batch of WEDDING BUTTONS for my friend Rosemary who will be getting married next month.  i've been slaving over the computer for hours this week working on a bunch of their things but it's the GOOD kind of slaving where your personalities and tastes mesh well and the end product is perfect!  here are some sneaks...

we are going with the (second to last) berry colour to complete the colour scheme.
this is the design for the front of the tag that is to go on their favours.
they are doing a jars with herbs.  tables are by herbs instead of numbers.

the inside of the folded labels will have a recipe which utilises the herb!

that's all for now
coco is calling


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