dear god

please let me find my phone.

cheers to me and kev for 14 years of teen angst to selfish partying & luxurious spending to present day enslavement.  i love you.  i love sharing my life with you.  i love laughing with you and i love fighting with you and i love how we know one another so well that we know when to laugh and when to fight.

my mom is so sweet.  she made us dinner after she got home from work.  delicious salad full of oranges, mango, avocado, and toasted almonds.  she is taking momo for two nights.

i don't know where my phone is.  i feel crazy.  i feel like it is lying in the middle of a road somewhere in west van.  possibly buried in the sand?  im' so sad for all the photos and videos i have of the kids...  we had a fab time at pinkberry and grabbed a pizza from Whole Foods to have at the beach.  we dropped by the H&M so i could make a return.  i was HOLDING the receipt in my hands reading it in the car and by the time i got to the store it was gone.  it was not in the car or the bag ANYWHERE.  i grabbed my phone and wallet and went back in one last time to retrace my steps but nothing.  we went to the beach but i remember specifically thinking "i should bring my phone... naahhh i won't need it plus i don't know where it is".  i couldn't find it on our drive back and so we turned around in vancouver to go back to the beach in the middle of rush hour.  nothing.  nothing nothing nothing nothing.  I FEEL LIKE I AM GOING CRAZY.  and i'm frustrated because i know this is partially because i have had so little sleep this week and i can't remember ANYTHING and my brain feels permanently fried.

i don't know what to do.  i don't know if i should drive back out tomorrow.  i don't even know where to start looking.  it is a friggin HOUR drive!!!!!!!!


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