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five things to do this summer

1. Throw your own parade! Grab some markers & let your kids design their parade signs. Then dress in your most fun garb, pull out your best noise makers, and hit the sidewalks! Don't forget to invite the neighborhood kids!

2. Outdoor movie night. Let your kids experience the fun of a drive-thru theatre in their own backyard with the use of a projector & the side of your home! Set up lawn chairs, and invite friends. Don't forget the popcorn. (Don't have a projector? Don't splurge yet, chances are you might know somebody who does.)

3. Backyard camping. When you're five, camping outside is nothing but magical. Count the stars, roast some marshmallows, and share stories with your kids. If you're really brave, sleep out there, too.

4. Host an art show! Kids love to show off their works. Hang their favorite masterpieces around the house, put together some refreshments, and invite some friends & family to come check out your kids' work. (It's a great excuse for an anytime mini-party & your kids will love it!)

5. Hold a creative cooking challenge. First, let your kids draw out a plan. Challenge them to come up with a new, tasty recipe. Help them decide what ingredients they will need. Then gather up their ingredients and let them get to work (helping out with the oven, or other needs along the way). Let everyone get a nibble of all of the creations, and be sure to gush over the delicious creativity!

very down for doing the PARADE and ART SHOW.  moses would also be down i'm sure...

tips for raising strong readers

1: Designate a special time to read to your kids everyday. (I read a few chapters from our current chapter book after lunch, and a short story at bed.) Studies have shown that kids who are read to at home do better in school than kids who are not read to. So, if you want to give your kids the best opportunity for success, all you have to do is READ!

2: Ask questions. Before starting a new story, look at the cover. Ask your kids what they think the story might be about. This seems small, but is so important because it demonstrates to kids that stories are about something--they have a meaning. This lays the groundwork for being able to read for context.

3: Point to the words as you read them. This demonstrates to kids that the story comes from the text, not the pictures.

4: Let your child pick stories that they like. If they enjoy what they are reading, they'll want to read more & more.

5: Read together. You read, then I read. This will build confidence for early readers.

6: Always keep books within reach. Whether you're on the road or in your living room. (On a similar note: stocking up your home library does not need to be expensive. Check yardsales, craigslist, & library sales. Once I found new hardback children's books on sale for $1/each at our grocery store.)

7: Let your kids see YOU read. My sister-in-law, who has been teaching first grade for years, recently realized during a road trip that her kids had never seen her reading to herself before! Let them see you read & they'll realize that it's something you enjoy, too.

8: Read constantly, everywhere. Food labels at the grocery store, signs on the road, directions on a new toy. Let your kids see that reading is used everywhere.

these tips came at a good time.  we have read to moses nearly 99% of everynight since he was probably 8 months (occasionaly prior to that time) as a part of his night time routine.  it has been a very positive experience.  it plays a huge part in their learning and understanding, and as that same dreaded book gets pulled out night after night, it is amazing to see them slowly understand more and more as their brains develop.  out of nowhere they recognize certain words or they are able to finish off and later recite certain sentences to YOU!  slowly, you will be able to move from the chewed up board books to the "special" more complex books that are kept safely out of reach on the high shelf.  it is amazing as your role as the teacher slowly shifts to a lesser role and they shift from exclusive listener to an active reader who will not only answer questions, but offer their own commentary.  

so far so good, but i know that we could be doing a better job.  i think we need to get back to pointing to the words as well as reading things when we are out at the grocery store AND showing them that we, too, read books/magazines.  unfortunately the latter is obviously a time issue, a luxury that is hard to come by... nEVERTHELESS, an effort that needs to be made!

speaking of which!  i bought a book for the kids today!  it is actually a "sequel" to a book that i posted quite some time ago called "the quiet book" .  i made a quick lone dash out to vancouver to pick up some unsold items at Front&Co. and was hopelessly roped into shopping.  I BOUGHT NOTHING FOR MYSELF!  i was pleasantly surprised to get a check of about $50 for sold items which ended up paying for my new items: bunny ring for my SIL's birthday, wedding card for next week's wedding, and "the loud book"

equally adorable in every way, this book illustrates a raucus of loud childhood moments that many of us can probably relate to and some that are just randomly awesome.

gotta buy "the quiet book" now...  

we finally are starting to get back into the library and these are the latest & greatest!

ME & YOU - Anthony Browne

this book is a cool take on Goldilocks and the Three Bears
the author has divided the story into 2 perspectives by illustrating Goldilocks' perspecting on the left pages and the 3 Bears' perspective on the right pages.  the cool part obviously being once they meet one another in baby bear's bed!  Goldilocks' page shows 3 angry bears staring at the reader, and the bears' page shows a frightened little girl in a bed.

(searching for this book i just stumbled upon a book i used to read as a child by the same author!  

LOL i totes remember this ridiculous page!!!!

Alpha Oops!

Z gets fed up with A always going first so he decides that THIS TIME we will start with him, but as they tell the backwards alphabet, the letters decide to go completely out of order and create a big mess!  Very awesome illustrations.

Yellow Umbrella

A beautifully illustrated book sans text that encourages learning to count!  Page 1 has 1 yellow umbrella, page 2 has two umbrellas, page 3 has three etc... in all different colours and all from a birdseye view.


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