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i've got updates.

totally full on crawling.  the past 3-4 days she has been totally mobile, manoeuvering herself in every possible way to get to where she needs to go.  i think it was two days ago when i placed her on the floor in moses' room that she managed to actually crawl all the way from his bedroom to the kitchen where i was making breakfast.  hmmm that may have been yesterday actually!

or maybe i already wrote that in my last post?  did i write about the diaper box and how she managed to climb and do her push=up position  on it?

anyway.  today she is "proper" crawling on her hands and knees and moving them appropriately.  not to say that she was doing "inappropriate" crawling...  she also managed, today, to climb and pull up to standing on our IKEA LACK shelf that we have lying horizontal as an entertainment stand.  holy smokes coco your progression is progressing too fast!  her teeth are on this same crazy train of speed!  she just cracked those two top teeth this past week and i can see the difference in growth by the day, i swear by this saturday's wedding, photos of her will have 4 teeth.  she looks like a little jack'o'lantern it's so funny and equally adorable.

she's been doing more solids now.  she had peas for the first time last night and today i stopped mushing up her banana and she ate 80% of an entire banana at dinner tonight.  she hasn't been picky.  on the contrary she seems intensely interested in every single thing that goes into my mouth, assaulting my ears with her banshee shrieks.  i'm REALLY enjoying how eager she is for food since moses has been quite the challenge.  we have had to go back to feeding him and not feeding an eager beaver, more like each spoonful/forkful that makes it into his mouth is preceded by (1) averting his vice shut mouth away  (2) giving him a stern "mosess...."  (3) 1...2...  (4) and if that doesn't work, i proceed to lift him onto the ground and spank.  most of the time he ends up opening his mouth just as i am lifting him into spanking position.  it is very VERY irritating and tiresome.  ANYWAY...

she slept through the night!!!!!!!!  for the first time in probably 3-4 months!!!!!  like the 2-3 other times she has slept, i am not getting my hopes up.  ok well just a little bit since she's coming up on 7 months and frankly it's about freaking time coco.

it's been a great two days.  yesterday i went to Fabricana to pick up some bowtie material for moses' wedding bowtie as well as some fabric to make him a new blanket.  i made him one before he was born and it was the Heather Ross mermaid pattern in blue with a white-with-orange-fish border.

yes it had mermaids and mermaids are a girl thing except for 8 year olds when they saw The Little Mermaid for the first time and had cartoon crushes on Ariel... but because i couldn't NOT buy the fabric, i figured the blue would be ok.  of course now that he is older i'm genderizing him and have passed the blanket onto coco which moses is not too fond about.  i knew i could have probably found him another cute blanket for much cheaper, but i feel like handmade things are way more special and hold so much more meaning.  i kind of wish i had tried harder to find fabrics on etsy or something since the fabric we chose is a little on the heavy side but oh well...

this is the fabric for his new blanket!  he "helped" choose it.  i gave him options.  there was only 1.8 metres left on the roll so i let him carry it around the store while i searched endlessly for some cool bowtie fabric.  i have to say i was disappointed and left with these:

i might even just use a few other ones i have stashes away.  i need to buy him a plain white t-shirt to go with the rest of his attired

GAP black skinny jeans and J.Crew tailored seersucker jacket!
thank you auntie michelle...

potty training is good.  it's going at a perfect pace for both parties.  i am too tired to be 100% vigilant, so there are days when there is no underwear, just diapers but it doesn't seem to affect him on the good days when he IS in underwear.  he still has the occasional accident but he doesn't require the stickers and is pretty damn good at just letting me know when he has to go.

i will leave you with this lovely original that moses left for me first thing yesterday morning.
he took my make up box and brush.

i had just finally rolled out of bed to change coco's enormous pee diaper when i saw him return the makeup & brush to their rightful place.  i figured he had JUST picked them up to look and was uninterested until he piped

"momo draw ah couch"

yup.  8:30am  GOOD MORNING TO ME


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