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want to try out this pizzeria down on Cordova St

Nicli Antica Pizzeria

...but we need to maintain this tight grip on the finances.  kevin officially asked to borrow money for the roof.  in the meantime, he has been trying to make money here and there with more car parts and the occasional piece of furniture that we find thrifting.  it's a stressful situation as the car sales require he be out of the house to take photos or disassemble pieces or drive around to pick up/deliver.  the furniture is stressful as we have nowhere to store these large pieces in our tiny place and it just makes the constant mess we live in even more unbearable.  

i can't decide if it's me or if i have a good reason to be living in such a discheveled state.  all my other mom's places look like they are ready to walk a potential buyer through their home.  i return home to a place that has "stuff" on the counters, on the chairs, on the couch, on EVERY SURFACE.  i am constantly removing this "stuff" but more "stuff" accumulates within SECONDS.  i could sweep the entire floor all effing day long and it would never be clean.  there is a can of diapers in our bedroom where we change chloe, another one in the laundry room and a third in the main washroom.  even throwing them out every 3 days does not guarantee a break from diaper stench.  and we can't forget the main washroom where prince moses is training.  he's been fairly good at directing his penis downards but he occasionally shifts one way and it comes pissing out over the side and onto the floor.  

sigh.  let's move on please.
onto kiddie updates.

the potty training is going well.  the stickers are working.  he is becoming more familiar and more comfortable with everything including holding it and informing us.  accidents are still happening but much less often.  he peed in front of a crowd the other day when we forgot we had no diaper on and went grocery shopping.  normally he doesn't wear anything over his undies at home but it was cold out on the patio where he was playing.  he stopped, said "uh oh" and we all watched as pee trickled out the bottoms of his jean shorts.  a group of seniors were sitting outside the coffee shop and hooted and giggled and one yelled out "it's a natural function!"  he gets impatient with poo as it requires a little more time and effort, so he will often run in and push and then get up and play only to return a few minutes later to do it again.  all in all i am happy with his progress.

we were watching old videos of him on youtube the other night and it struck me just how much his language continues to progress.  i mean, i am aware that he is progressing but the learning is so seamless and so day-to-day that it is hard to notice in real time.  i don't even know how to describe his language other than that he is able to communicate fully.  he echoes words and absorbs new things like a sponge.  he is able to count actual things up to two.  anything more he just starts pointing all over and counting up to any random number.  he is able to count up to 20 although he often omits 15-19.

he has finally begun "singing" songs!  he sings ABC's (skipping letters here and there) and at the end he says "now .. know.. abc..defg" and continues the alphabet again.  just this past week we caught him singing "twinkle little star" to himself in bed.  "twinko twinko litto dar.  how wonder what you are. up... so high. like diamond in guy...."  it's pretty friggin cute.  he has added the word "grody" to his repertoire of words for "ew yuck..." thanks to kevin.  it's pretty hilarious hearing a 2 year old say "grody! grody!" as they point to fluff in the elevator.

on the sleeping front he is a mixed bag.  he takes forever to fall asleep.  he is scared of the dark.  tonight was the first night i actually raised his blackout blind since it was still bright outside.  we have been comforting him by checking up on him every 10 minutes or so.  he needs to hear us outside, he gets freaked out when it is too quiet.  he still wakes up in the middle of the night and kevin has continued to sleep on momo's floor.

so.  yesterday was coco's official FIRST crawl!  she launched herself forward twice in a row with her right leg.  today she has continued to progress.  she did one of moses' army drags this afternoon.  she is well on her way.  the rolling over is now very annoying during diaper changes but she is awesome at sitting on her own now and even if she falls over she doesn't get upset.  

i can't believe how fast this has been happening!  she is an entirely different baby than moses.  having moses on a schedule really helped me to get chloe on a schedule.  i am glad i implemented the "crying out" with her because now she's got it!  she knows when she is put in the crib that it is time to sleep, no bitching no whining or crying (ok occasionally for like a few short minutes as she soothes herself), just off to slumberland.  i LOVE IT.  and i am cherishing it because i know that things are in a constant state of change.

i think the only thing that is going to be harder with chloe than with moses is the weaning.  moses breastfed but he had formula from the get go  when he got sick and he was always needing a top up because my supply could not meet his demand.  it got to the point where he woudl be on for a few minutes and that was it and he was about 8 months and on solids so my boobs lost their place.  i'm still exclusively feeding coco.  she'll have 2oz maybe 2-3 times a month but that's it.  for solids she has mainly been on a diet of rice cereal and banana with a few instances of avocado/apple/pears.  she was having horrible horrible constipation this week where she was pushing herself red and screaming with fear and pain as fat tears poured from her eyes. it was sooo sad!!!  her poos were dry and solid rather than moist and mushy so i gave her some water and she had a gigantic soft poo.  an easy fix.  anyway, i'm thinking to probably start weaning her around the same time even though i have enough.  i really just don't want to deal with having to fight with her as she gets older and smarter.  we'll see....

she had her 6 month appointment which i have been forgetting to report.  it went well.  she is slimming down.  she was 15lbs 5oz two months ago and this month she is 16lbs 6oz.

               4months          6months          Moses 6months
Weight   15lbs 5oz        16lbs 6oz         19lbs 4oz
Height    64cm               69cm               71cm
Head      42.3cm            44cm               44cm


  1. I sometimes wish it would only take a little water to make me have a soft poo sometimes. I'm glad it worked on Coco!


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