the week begins

congrats to brock and nicole on little rook alexander stone!
ashley texted me the good news on saturday and we have yet to meet the little prince.

it's been a great two hours of peace after a long day.  it was a good day.  a vast improvement from the disaster at splashdown.  we went to the new waterpark here in Tsawwassen and it was so rad!  the waterpark itself is very awesome with really neat water dispensers and sprays but they also created this other section that attaches to the waterpark.  up the small hill to the street there is a water tower which dispenses water at intervals of a minute or two.  this water gushes out and flows through an approximately foot wide groove of rocks, creating a "manmade" stream.  it starts off on a straight path and then down a ledge and waterwheel and continues down different pathways depending on the small metal dams that the kids can open or close.  the stream can go underneath a bridge or if "dammed" take a shortcut or a long route with a few tiny step/ledges.  the great thing about this stream is that a daycare was visiting and they had brought PING PONG balls that were just perfect for dropping into the stream and watching them flow down the different pathways all the way down to the waterpark.  moses had such a fun time doing this when the older kids gave him a ball.

it wasn't the hottest day but it was still nice and mild.  he didn't run into the water but walked around with his bucket filling it up with the gentle streams of water that were shooting out.  after about an hour and half of waterpark he made his way to the regular playground for a bit before we headed home for lunch.  it was so fun, i can't wait to have playdates!  gotta make sure to get some ping pong balls or maybe find some tiny boats at the dollar store  :)

kev came home early at about 4pm with a fever.  he's been in bed the entire time which left me single parenting for the whole day.  chloe did a lot of crying as she didn't feel like being independent and i needed to get stuff cleaned up and ready moses for bed.  thank goodness they both went to sleep fast and easy, i was able to "finish" a poster for my friend Bronwen for a play she is doing.  yay!

i need to mention how crazy my daughter is.  she is full on crawling.  i had to get kev's parents to drop off the exersaucer tonight bc she is 50/50 with the jolly jumper and if i let her free she would seriously just crawl after me screaming from room to room.  sadly, the exersaucer didn't fair much better, she just wanted me to carry her heavy little toosh all over the house.  ALSO she gave me a massive heart attack today when i turned around from cutting up so mango to find her standing...  she had been in her high chair with some baby crackers, but now she was standing; not IN her highchair but she managed to step both legs OUT of the highchair and onto the front edge of the chair while holding onto the table ledge.  my heart dropped and i slowly but quickly tiptoed over to her and grabbed her.  dear god, if i had scared her she would have turned around, lost her balance, bang her face on the table and ricochet off the chair and do an airborn flip onto the floor.

she is progressing at lightning speed, she is pulling up to the couch and in her crib now!  the crib is not cool because when she wakes up prematurely from naps, she doesn't just cry lying down or on all fours, she will now pull up to full standing position and just cry at the closed door for me.  she did this for almost an hour this afternoon when she was supposed to be asleep.  now she has to be SUPER tired for her to fall asleep in the crib or else she'll just stand and cry.  dammit dammit dammit.  she is definitely going to be walking early, she is probably going to start cruising the couch in 2 weeks.

oh cocobear.  how i love you.


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