it's been "birth plan" plans 4 days in a row (excluding the weekend) 
poor renee had to cancel massage on monday after a rough day
yesterday ethan had a fever so communal dinner was cancelled
thankfully renee was avails and so we headed out for a visit and massage

our night was balls.
in short, i woke up to feed coco 4 times and was up for an hour around 230am
with kev and moses because moses had a fever of 102.7.

i miraculously slept in until 930 but i'm still feeling pretty wasted.
my stomach is not feeling well.
thankfully moses is over playing at Ty's house and poor chloe is in her crib
because i couldn't handle her screaming for no reason while i tried to make food
and clean the house for a visit with our wedding photographer Miranda from Blue Olive Photography

i feel like so much utter shit.


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