2 Kids 1 Room - Crying It Out Night 1

it's 9pm.
we scrambled over to Ethan's place for a little while kev reassembled the crib and moved it into momo's room.  i came back hearing the record console blasting the clash and half expected to find kevin half drunk sleeping in one of the kids beds, but he was just fixing moses' nightlight with the room fully rearranged as i had kindly requested.
it's 9pm.
i bottled chloe while moses and kev hit the showers and she fell asleep in 30 seconds even after she saw me take her from my bedroom to moses' bedroom.  his room has a different smell and a different light.  i don't know if she was too tired to notice?  or if she noticed but just wasn't bothered?  anyway, she is asleep for now...  i haven't decided what to do when she wakes up: should i still feed her to sleep for 3 nights just so she doesn't wake up completely frantic that she is in a different room AND she is alone?  or do i just go full turkey with her?

moses and kev are still in the shower.  will moses be quiet enough in his room while he is trying to fall asleep so that he doesn't wake chloe prematurely?  will he possibly be comforted by this new company that he will fall asleep more easily?  how are we going to transfer him from his top bunk, down the ladder to our room?

stay tuned


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