tired.  good but tired.  kev is finally back to work after a week.  he had taken the thur and fri off in hopes of gettin ghte big V done but had to cancel since he needed to take ibuprofen while he was sick.  he spent a bunch of time working to get a car done for a guy out in white rock so i ended up with the kids a bunch more than i liked, but i'm thankful that he is able to bring in some cash this way.

still no word on my phone.  even moses started to ask for it, having video withdrawls and it was so frustrating to have to explain it to him so many times that i lost it and that i was much more upset than he was about not having it.  i went to Telus today and it would be $400 to cancel so that is a no go...  they have the old iphone 3 available for $0 with a $55 plan which i am considering.  kev would be able to get it since his contract has just came up, and then we could switch after two weeks.  he was sweet enough to make me this offer and keep his old phone that he hates.  haven't made a decision yet.


so chloe is going to be 8 months this month which is when i stopped breastfeeding moses.  it is so so so easy to just have her latch on and go at any moment's time, and she isn't a monster like moses was.  i also have more than i did with moses.  i don't know if i should stop now or go until 10 months.  i definitely do not want to do it by the time she is walking and definitely definitely not past her 1st birthday.  just my personal comfort level.  moses could not have cared less and i'm not sure how chloe is... she doesn't seem especially attached physically and takes bottles/formula very willingly.  i guess i just feel bad sticking her on formula when i am capable of feeding her myself.

the other issue that comes with this whole weaning business is the sleeping business and how she still does not sleep through the night.  i don't know if she is still waking up because she is hungry?  moses "slept with us" for 5 months.  4 months, his crib was 3 feet from the end of our bed in our 500sq ft apartment, and he slept in a bassinet on the floor of the bedroom with us at my inlaw's for his 5th month before we moved into our current condo.  there is such a difference between 5 months and 8 months.  coco "knows" she is in the same room as us, and cries directly into kevin's eyes when she wakes up, as her crib is propped right up against his side of the bed.  we need to get her out of our room and sleep train her.  we did the "crying it out" with moses in february which was about 9 months...  so pretty close here.  the problem now is HOW DO WE DO THIS WITH TWO KIDS????

we have nowhere to put coco.  the computer room is set.  we are not taking it down after all the work kevin did plus the space is a necessity, INTEGRAL, so we have to put her in moses room.  getting them both to sleep at the same time is not so much a big deal. but when she wakes up crying in the middle of the night or at 5-7am, that will be a big deal.  so i have proposed to kevin that once both of them are asleep, we carry moses into our bed for the night (please god, say he doesn't kick us off the bed or sleep horizontally between our heads) and leave coco to cry it out.  kev brought up that this plan is based on only a few days, a week tops, which is correct hahahaha.  i am totally assuming that she is going to be awesome like moses and only last a few days.

if this works, it will cut at least two feedings out per day which would put me to about 3-4 a day.  that is an automatic wean right there.

sigh.  so that is what's on  the menu for this week.  god help us.


ALSO i forgot to mention: MY ALLERGIES ARE COMING BACK!!!!!!!!!!  my allergies to fresh fruits and veggies are coming back.  my throat is itching right now as i am eating apples and pb  :(  what am i supposed to do?  just get knocked up for the rest of my life so that i can eat fruits and veggies?!!!


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