MO&CO - longass updates to remember when i no longer remember

let's do an update instead of all my crazy feelings.

so.  the two monsters have been sleeping in the same room now for about a month now.  it's been very successful.  yes, there are times (like today's naptime) when moses will wake up and just sit in bed whining in a crying voice for me "muh-mey! muh-mey!" and wake up sleeping beauty in her cage, resulting in a symphony of cries, but i am happy to report that all things considered, it's been pretty smooth sailing.

bedtime begins around 8:30pm
moses hits the showers, gets dressed, gets his teeth brushed and hair combed, and reads books with kev.  we usually have to sneak him quietly into bed since coco is usually beats him to bed.  he is still off and on with falling asleep.  it's rarely right away, but for the most part he is usually quiet and either plays with his new favourite DUPLO motorcycle set or reads this one vintage book from KLF.  one side of the book is about a cute hippo in 60's style illustration.  the backside is about these 3 ponies that are very ugly and creepy.  on the "bad" nights, he will keep calling for me and/or kev or will climb down and come out. usually asleep by 10pm... on average.

chloe showers with me (sometimes moses joins us but usually kev will shower with him), still gets the occasional eczema cream on her chest/arms, into her onesie, has her last feed (bottle or boob) and goes down with hardly a peep.  she is such a sweet darling.  everytime i think this, i am forced to wonder if that means she will be a terror when she is a teenager and if i will look back on these baby years and think "but you were such an angel baby!!!!".   her soothing mechanism is a fleece blanket!  she stuffs it into her mouth and sucks on it.  i love it.  it is so cute and i love how easy it makes my life!  i don't have to sit on a yoga ball and bounce her or walk back and forth across the living room to put her to sleep or give her 2 huge bottles of formula to pound back like moses.  i just plop her in, give her the fleece blanket and cover her with the mermaid blanket so she can't see me leave the room.  (don't worry, the mermaid blanket is easily pulled down so she doesn't cook nor suffocate)

she needs more onesies.  everything is so different with cocobear.  the sleep habits, the milk habits (boob vs formula), the poop consistency and the biggest difference of all is just how much faster she is growing up.  with moses, that first year took an eternity.  chloe is somehow already EIGHT MONTHS.  it feels like half the time has passed!  in 4 months she will be a year!  truly, time is passing at an exponentially faster rate.  i can't believe it.  summer is over and only four measly months before her birthday???

she needs more onesies.  our financial situ was nowhere near what it is currently, and moses had the luxury of being spoiled with clothes left and right.  i haven't bought chloe a onesie in months.  she is getting to the ends of her 6 months sizes that are just stretching along with her growing body and even the one 12 month onesie doesn't really provide much extra room.  sigh.

boobs vs milk.  i fell behind (wow big surprise...) on my domperidone pills.  i had to dig into my online cell phone bills to track down my doctor's personal number (found it under coco's birthdate lol) to shamefully request an emergency refill.  i've gone down from 4 times a day to 3 in the past couple of weeks...  weaning is slow but steady, especially with coco eating SO much more!  this is one area where she is similar to moses, she is a bottomless pit!

apples, pears, potatoes, broccoli, yogurt, blueberries, toast, bananas, bananas, bananas, kiwi, carrots, green beans, squash, yams, rice, tofu, avocado, peas, egg yolks

has tried: watermelon, apricots/peaches/nectarines (they are all the same to me)

they sleep through the night
mostly...  chloe has been spectacular sleeping in until anywhere between 6:30am-7:30am...  moses still wakes up in the middle of the night and comes pitter-pattering over to our room.  kev jumps up and takes him calmly back to the room.  occasionally moses will be in enough of a panic that he will wake up coco but she usually goes back to sleep.

i usually take crying chloe into bed with me once she wakes up and breastfeed her both sides.  i have had to do both sides less times a day instead of one side more times a day with this "weaning".  then i usually stay in bed with her until 8am at which point i drag my ass out of bed to the couch and lie around for 20-40mins while they play on the floor.  moses usually is up anywhere between 730am-8am.

is on average at 2pm.  naptimes are a lot less stable than nighttime.  moses is all over the place, sometimes napping right away, sometime after 20 mins, sometimes after 45 mins, sometimes he lies in bed for 2 hours.  the worst is obviously when he won't sleep and he wakes coco up prematurely and i don't get a break at all and i want to murder someone.

terrible twos
so these terrible twos have lasted a looooong ass time, i'm beginning to wonder if they have only begun and everything between 15 months and now has been just normal toddler bitchiness.  seriously, the past couple of days has shown a total SPIKE in the steady flow of crappy toddler behaviour.  i have had to adjust quickly to avoid similar instances of internal combustion.

on top of the sharing woes and beating up coco woes, he has started to have some extreme meltdowns particularly when having to leave either someone's house or some other place that has toys (ie Chapters or today at Coast Capital).  Michelle was kind enough to take moses up to their place the other day and he was there for a good hour at least before i came with coco to retrieve him for dinner.  i stayed for 15-20mins before letting him know it was time to leave and he started doing the fast running on the spot "noooooooooooooooo" crying and then began darting away or crawling away like a spider on speed.  once i got a hold of him he really started wailing, throwing himself on the ground and couch.  with coco in my arms, jason eventually had to carry him over to the door.  he tried to get momo's shoes on but moses just screamed and held onto his feet so his shoes could not be put on.  he screamed down the hall and cried in the elevator.  he laid on the floor or ran into corners wailing all the way home.  and once we were at home, the drama continued for at least another 20 mins.  at one point he ran and hid in his room and then bolted into the dark computer room, closed the door and hid at the back wall crying.  kevin opened the door to try to talk to him but he just screamed and cried "CLOSE THE DOOOORR!!! CLOSE THE DOOOORRRR!!!!!!!!"

yeah.  so he's been going mental.  i have had to give him warnings prior to going places, reminding him that we can play but when we leave he has to be good or else we won't go back.  i have also had to provide him with a 5 minute buffer before leaving to "ease" him into it instead of dropping it on him because clearly it's as if i'm dropping bombs on him...

he's been talking up a storm lately.  ethan has been using all his connecting words (with, in, to, etc) for a while and moses has begun to do so in the past few weeks.  it is so amazing to listen to him converse with his friends and other people.  his pronunciation is improving although he still fails to sound out the "s" in front of words like "straight" and when he calls me "stephanie". (he has started to call kev and i by our first names when we don't respond to mom or dad lol)  i have also been doing french with him which he finds highly amusing.  he laughs so hard and we think he gets a kick out of accents in general.  i am grateful i had Karmali for highschool french since she was a total nazi.  my pronunciation is still pretty effing good and i remember a lot of words.  my only issue is whether or not i should be utilizing le/la/les or if it is too confusing?  many words are easy to figure out whether they are masculine or feminine once you are older and have been conditioned by society as to what things are manly/womanly but for the random words, it is nice to just "know" that "that's just the way it is".  also the issue of saying "j'ai besoin d'eau" or "l'eau" but telling him water is "eau".  anyway...

also teaching him to recognize words.  Moses and Stop mostly.  need to expand.

he also throws things when he is mad.  he also demands we sit in a particular spot and watch him play.  when he comes into my room in the morning he immediately tells me he wants to eat and what he wants to eat.  he tells me to get up.  BUT his manners are impeccable.  he also has the cutest most perfect mouth of teeth.

he, like ethan, jumps a lot and jumps into hilarious "martial arts" poses which is strange because i don't know where they learned this from.

moses bites his nails and i hate it
i haven't cut his nails in probably 2 months because there is nothing to cut

potty training
has plateaued.  hasn't improved, hasn't worsened.  mostly i am too busy and sometimes lazy to remind him to take off his diaper BUT when i do, he is able to take it off himself and willingly fetches a pair of underoos from his bottom dresser drawer.  he is very good although not perfect and telling us when he has to pee/poo when in underwear.  he will not tell us if he is wearing a diaper.  have not yet had the balls to take him out in underwear although i do occasionally forget that he is wearing underwear if i have put pants on him at home.  usually i try not to for this very reason...

gogo coco
chloe has advanced to the next level of crawling.  she is now an expert.  she no longer struggles to pull up to chairs or low objects and will often hold on with one hand while manipulating an object in the other.  she isn't entirely graceful and cautious as moses when lowering down, she just kind of lowers and then let's herself drop onto her bum.  i don't coddle her and she doesn't ask for it unless it really hurts or she gets really scared.  the last thing i want is a needy baby...

i feel like she is on the brink of using "mama" and "dada" discriminately.

her hair is so cute, i have started doing the pebbles water fountain ponytail.

she is wonderful and i love her.  i love having a girl and i am so so so very grateful that i was lucky to have a girl.  we'll see how i feel in 10 more years...

i think that's it for now.  sorry that was so long, i haven't updated in a long time and they are progressing so much so fast :)


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