my life has been completely overrun by crowdSPRING.  it is a seriously demanding job and it is impossible to describe just how challenging it is trying to meet the demands of these projects on such short deadlines.  a week is not a very long time and it is even shorter knowing that whatever you hand in is not final.  you are often asked to make revisions, so it is necessary to get things done as fast as possible to make time for these revisions because you never know when the business is going to check up on you.  it could be 12 hours before you get any feedback and have to make more changes.

this of course makes me life a living hell.  i am a stubborn individual who does not want to backdown and give up, but this hard-headedness clashes bigtime with being a full-time mom.  as it happened, i had made changes yesterday based on one submission, however, i received another message this morning requesting significant changes from another submission for the same project.  this was with only 9 hours left to go before the project closed.  i was shaking and panicking through my frustration with the way the business had presented its criticism to me.  i was freaking out that i only had 9 hours.  i was angry and frustrated as hell that it was first thing in the morning and i had to feed my kids and i had to weigh out what was more important in that moment.

i locked them out of the room and they were mildly agitated and needy which allowed me some time, but eventually they both found their way to the door and joined forces in crying and banging on the glass door for me to come out and carry/feed/pay attention to them.

anyway.  in the end i managed to somehow pull out THREE revisions out of my ass with the help of cait next door.  it ceases to amaze me how drastically different kids are when they are at someone else's place.  i left both moses and chloe over for about half and hour and they were absolutely content to play on their own.  at home, they are constantly crawling after me or pulling at me or yelling my name or crying for attention.  i can't even hear myself think and make simple normal decisions sometimes.

right now i am in the top 4 for this project.  i have 7 days to find out who wins.

i submitted for another project and i have a 4/5 as well.  they really like it but there are a handful of others whom also scored the same....   i received a project i was interested in today and they ended up emailing me to tell me they saw some of my previous work and requested that i participate in their logo design!  this is a great experience.  it's rough and emotional and stressful as hell but it's great.  i am trying to take things at a slower pace, increase my filter instead of trying to take on too many projects, and try not to take things so personally.  hopefully with more practice, my skills will improve and i will learn more techniques that will help land me more projects in the future.

i haven't heard back from Thrifty's and i decided to drop in personally to thank the lady in charge of hiring the front end staff.  better late than never.  kev took the kids grocery shopping while i went to speak with her.  turns out she had not yet reviewed my info and could not even find it in her stack of paper so she took my name and numbers and said she would contact me if she could not find it.  i joined my crew only to have her find me and tell me she had my info afterall.  she got to meet the family which is what i had wanted but knew was unprofessional.  she took one look at moses and said "oh, i've seen you before!".  once again, my son's reputation precedes me LOL.  hopefully, his cookie covered face lands me the job :P  she has two young kids of her own.  i know it is awful but i am hoping she pities my ass knowing what it's like.

i dropped by Shoppers this afternoon to pick up some stuff and the girl at the til said they were hiring and handed me an application.  i am dropping it off tomorrow.

and thank you nicole for paying me to do your paperwork.


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