photographic updates

yesterday rosemary came over.  she just arrived monday to get things in order for the BIG DAY next friday.  she picked up the table cards, buttons cards, and recipe/thank you cards from the printers.  they effed up.  ok i effed up too.  but it is their responsibility as a business to be providing customers with proofs and/or confirmations of how things need to be printed.  sounds like it should be standard practice right?  oh well.  here are some bad photos of the recipe/thankyou cards that will be strung around the mini mason jars.  each jar will have seeds of an herb, each table is a different herb and will receive a jar of their table herb.

this is my little button love
I <3 Grandma onesie from her auntie MC &
her new H&M tights 

omg this photo slays me

SO!  with all the buttons happening i figured i would post some of my favourite ones!

1. random card with weird cartoonies on it
2. one of my most epic partying day photos (text added on in illustrator), printed from computer
3. drawing
4. cute fabric with typewritered name (most popular)
5. H&M model with typwriter
6. "Odalisque" by Ingres (art series? i made a Rothko too). from magazine
7. fancy font, printed from computer
8. cute fabric with typewriter
9. birth buttons!  coco's and baby rook's!  illustrator
10. wedding favours - illustrator
11. crazy crayon
12. typewriter with magazine lips
13. drawing - i love this one
14. typewriter
15. drawing
16. illustrator
17. beeeee fabric

here is a close up

this bird fabric is also very popular with the kids
personalized with their name typewritered

and my new fave that i just did tonight! yes!  real pencil shaving!



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