running for the cupboard

last night went surprisingly well... or else i just slept through it all hahaha

Coco asleep at 9pm
Moses in bed at around 9:30-10pm
Coco wakes up at 10pm and cries for an hour (checked on her 5, 10, 15, 20)
Moses fell asleep around 10:30pm in spite of the crying
11pm Coco falls asleep

I only remember 2:25am and 2:30am
2:30am coco stopped crying and went back to sleep
Whether she was up for 1-15-20 minutes before that my brain is unable to retrieve that information
Either way, Moses slept through it or was too busy trying to drown it out that he didn't bother coming over to our bed.  SCORE!

Coco woke up again at 5:57am at which point I waited 5 minutes before coming to get her and bringing her into our room to feed her and fall asleep.  We both passed out while i side fed her for about an hour or so.

the house is surprisingly clean these days.  coco is a lot more distracted as she is able to sit, crawl, manipulate objects and dump and pick up toys.  she still has her moments throughout the day

(1:50pm coco just stopped crying.  about 15 minutes... and moses seems to be quiet.  woo hoo!!!! threw them in together!  they might as well get used to living together and i have ZERO sympathy for moses being assaulted by her crying since we had to endure his crying  :P  )

but she is becoming more independent which elates me and breaks my heart at the same time.

went back out to the Telus store and got a new phone AND after 6 years a new plan...  moses was fairly well behaved and coco passed out in the carrier for a powernap.  i felt sorry for the girl helping me because i was totally one of those customers i would not have wanted to help.  i got an LG android iphone equivalent.  it has free wifi.  i changed my plan bc they offered me a Student $35 plus $10 for unlimited incoming.  hopefully it will keep my monthly totals below the usual $60-70.  she was really nice and gave moses one of the old floor models to take home.

i rushed over to Tim's to grab lunch with a gc my momma gave me and then headed to the beach.  god i wish i was there by myself right now!!!!!  it is SO BEAUTIFUL!  it isn't too hot, a little breezy actually. the sand is sooooo warm and perfect and the tide is out, leaving pools of super warm water all over.  the cotton wood trees are making it snow all over the beach it's so pretty!!!!  damn kids and their damn naps.

sigh.  wish i had more patience.  wish i had more time away to up my patience levels.  moses is currently driving me beyond normal levels of batshit with his inability to say something once and with no pause inbetween.  total broken record syndrome set on the highly aggravating dial.  when i was attempting to feed coco into grogginess for her nap, he kept banging or rolling his trucks on bumpy surfaces or asking me for milk when he knows he doesn't get any and continues to ask me over and over every time i tell him NO.  it's like talking to a goddam wall.  he doesn't listen whatsoever and just repeats whatever he wants as if i will change my mind on the 20th time.  not to mention screaming kids voices streaming in from an open window too high for me to reach or the fact that i'm already sitting and have my boob whipped out and don't feel like getting up to climb a chair to close it.  there is too much anxiety for me when it comes to having an appropriate environment in which to put coco to sleep so that i can put moses to sleep.  i dislike giving moses a swift slap when he will not listen.  i hate it.  i hate it hate it hate it but i truly do not have the patience to explain myself that many times with coco only half sucking my tit and half looking around and wanting to yell at the kids outside to STFU.

i know i write a lot of this kind of stuff here and i know it is a lot of complaining, but i need to be able to be reminded of what a pain in the butt it is to have youngins for when my ovaries start yelling at me to have more in a few years.

anyway.  they are both asleep (haha coco just let out a cry OF COURSE)
freelance time.


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